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The Twelve Days before Christmas: Eleven Cushions aPinning


Occupying a ton of time this year, DH and I catalogued the parts of my collection of needlework tools between 1840 and 1914, and on December 7 we gave the catalogue and tools to a small collections library.


I kept a copy of this year's catalogue and decided to borrow from our photos and descriptions tools for

12 Days before Christmas.

Scroll down for photos and descriptions of the 11 pincushions


Above: Bavarian carved ivory pincushion with an oval scene of a stag and mate agains a forest background. German, c. 1860.

Right: Carved vegetalb ivory with a rose pincushion that serves as the seat of a carved bone chair

English, c. 1860s-1890's.

Happy Holidays 2018


This Holiday Season on Queendom Website: The Twelve Days before Christmas told in Antique Needlework Tools.

Here are 11 pincushions.


Above: two disc pincushions with prints under glass and a mirror on the reverse. On the left a 'Merry Christmas' souvenir, on the right: three Welsh Farmer's daughters at the tea table. Both English,c. 1870's.

Above: carved wooden figure of a seated man on a spool for thread, with a green pincushion next to him.

Swiss, c.1890s.

Above: disc pincushio with reverse paintings on both sides. This one has a painting of a mountain scene with travelers at the bottom. The reverse has travelers walking down a path near a large waterfall. English, c. 1850's.

Above: bogoak saucepan pincushio with shamrocks carved on the pan.. Irish, c. 1880's.

Above: miniature Tunbridge table with a moaic top and holes for pins around the edge of the mahogany table. English, c. 1850's.

Above: small silver pig with a narrow pincushion on his back. Hallmarked Birmingham, 1906.

Above: two pincushions in brass with mirrors on the reverse side. On the left: St. George slaying the dragon, on the right: three cherubs. Both English, c. 1890s.