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Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Special Antique Needlework Tools


Beautiful antique tools from Carolyn Meacham. Only one of each.

Email me with your choice or choices.


If you are first, the item will be yours. I will send you information later in the day.



1-1 My comments:

Look at this! A vegetable-ivory needlecase and the finials are crowns! I haven't seen one of these often and doesn't it go with Victoria.

1-2  My comments:

Madras silk winder, not a common find and a very nice shape. Both sides have the dots.

1-3  My comments:

Carolyn did so well collecting crown shapes this year, and here is a little one earlier than Victoria. These little pierced designs are among my favorites, they are so delicate. Every time I see one I wonder how it survived for nearly 200 years.

1- 4  My comments:

The carving on these cases is so intricate, they really are a marvel. Many were carved out of bone, this one out of ivory. Very nice!

1-5  My comments:

A novelty wooden tape measure in the shape of an apple. There is such a variety of these tapes, but this is unusual out of wood. I think of them more often out of metal or celluloid or some other early plastic.

1-6 My comments:

These rulers which came often in workboxes are marvels of engineering, in that they are so intricate. The nice thing about them: they fold up, thereby tucking more easily into today's stitching bags, yet expand over the usual 3"

1-7  My comments:

This is one of my favorite ever needle cases. Look at the beautiful crowns! Somebody will be very lucky indeed, and this one in beautiful condition.

1-8  My comments:

Tiny antique scissors are even harder to find than modern 'preemies'. These are beautifully crafted steel scissors and would look wonderful with a fob hanging off them.



All sold, but have a look through these, as very pretty things.