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Elizabeth 1 Portrait

Elizabeth 1

My portrait of Elizabeth


Elizabeth 1

Complete kit: instructions, canvas, threads and beads, includes shipping.










Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Beading Thread.

$11.00 including shipping.





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Elizabeth 1, A Description of My Portrait


My portrait of Elizabeth is approximately 6 1/2" x 9 1/4" on white congress cloth. Stitched primarily in Soie d'Alger silk and Kreinik braid, the design densely covers the canvas, often in two layers. It is not a painted canvas, it is counted needlepoint.


The size of the congress cloth is 14 1/2" tall x 11 1/2" wide. The extra 1/2" is so you can turn under the edges of the congress cloth 1/4" and hem them if you wish. If you prefer to use tape, you can trim the excess.


The level is Intermediate; an advanced beginner can do the design if she counts well and takes it slowly stitch by stitch. The kit includes a doodle canvas and a hearty recommendation that you try a technique that may puzzle you on it first.


The beads are many and varied, mostly tiny little gold beads, many made especially for me, and a profusion of very tiny pearls. They are in baggies and keyed to the instructions, so there isn't guesswork in sorting them.


The kit includes instructions, a color copy of my Elizabeth, white congress cloth, a large piece and a doodle and all threads and beads: everything you need to make Elizabeth except stretcher bars and needles.


The instructions are hand-written; they are the last set I wrote by hand before I learned Illustrator. They are 67 pages long, plus a title page, two oversize graphs and a color copy of my Elizabeth.


Stitching Elizabeth


Stitching Elizabeth isn't difficult -- the face is totally graphed, so if you count accurately, it will look just like mine. The trickiest part of the design is the placement of the beads that form her necklace. But I give you bead-by-bead instructions and taken one at a time, it isn't difficult.


There are two parts I am particularly proud of: the first is Elizabeth's veil. People have asked me if I applied gauze to make it look like a veil and I say no, it is just an optical illusion. It does look like a gauzy veil but it isn't.


The other part I'm proud of is the sleeves, particularly the one on the left: the foreshortening worked and Elizabeth's arm does look like it comes out toward you. I also like that the cuffs look like they are on top of the sleeves.


There is a third part I am proud of: even though she isn't a project you can finish in a week, there are more finished Elizabeths than any other large design I've offered. It pleases me that so many people have finished her. (Right now it looks as if finished Catherines might rival this, but for now Elizabeth still reigns, as far as I know).


The techniques aren't difficult, as I said; tedious at times, but not difficult. When I first finished her, I thought she isn't more than an experienced beginner can handle. Since then I've learned, no she isn't difficult but you do have to watch what you are doing. The design is fairly tight and the parts of the design do need to align correctly for her to be a feasible figure. I guess the major skill you need is the ability to count accurately.



My History with Elizabeth 1


I began stitching my portrait of Elizabeth 1 in April of 2009 and by July 2009, she was in her frame. It is hard to believe 7 1/2 years have gone by since I took my first stitch on Elizabeth.


I had stitched Elizabeth to teach her online at Shining Needle Society, but I got sidetracked and talked into teaching her at Callaway. I taught her one more time for Pat Correz's group, as a quasi-fundraiser and as the final class of my travel-teaching career. Then I taught her online for Shining Needle Society.


After the online class I retired the design because I had exhausted my supply of the tiny round pearls for Elizabeth's necklace and I moved on.


How could I have ever guessed that Elizabeth would become my most often requested design and the one people think of if they ever think of my work.  In the intervening years, I have received almost weekly requests for the design.


With a degree of struggle, I've accumulated enough of the pearls to bring back these kits. I always look for the pearls and will continue to do so, but the last time I asked, the dealer told me the price was $120.00 per strand (it takes 1 1/2 strands to do Elizabeth). Obviously the price wasn't feasible.


I'm happy to be able to bring back Elizabeth for

E-Week this year. I have a good number of the kits, but they aren't unlimited. If you have your heart set on her, I suggest you shop early.







Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread $11.00 including shipping.


For several years Kate made needle packets with beading needles and threads, but she wanted to retire from the job.


I thought it necessary for me to offer needles I know will work with the pearls I use so often, so I have made a folder with Queendom Website's Logo on the cover. It has two each #10. #12 and #15 beading needles in felt and a spool each of Nymo thread '0' and '00' included.


$11.00 includes shipping.