Iron Wrought in Silk Sampler

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Iron Wrought in Silk Sampler

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Oct. 18

The Sale has finished.

The History of Iron Wrought in Silk


I stitched Iron Wrought in Silk the year after I retired from Travel Teaching, so it was never a teaching piece. I sold it for the first and only time at E-Week 2014.


I stitched it after I retired because I had the time to reflect on how to use blackwork to create the wrought iron I had seen and enjoyed in my English days. My use of blackwork is most unconventional, not at all under-two, over-two (nor over-three, under-three)  and not reversible.


I decided my first responsibility was to make the design look like wrought iron, not to preserve the well-revered traditions of blackwork, and that is what I did. Scroll down and you will see some closer up examples of the blackwork.


Description of Kit for Iron Wrought in Silk


Kit Contents (see photo below)


Special overdyed silk pearl (now extinct) in 2 greens and one solid slightly off white

Soie d'Alger, 7 colors

Overdyed ribbons (Gloriana and Threadgatherer), 5 colors

Au Ver a Soie 100/3 in black for the Blackwork


White congress cloth, 15" tall x 18" wide.


Iron Wrought in Silk



Some of the threads  the overdyed silks and ribbons are extinct now or difficult to find, so I am kitting the design in full.


If you scroll down you will find closer-up photos of some of the very unconventional blackwork I used to construct my wrought iron.


The threads include gently overdyed silk pearl (much like pearl cotton only in silk), overdyed silk ribbons and Soie d'Alger (a 7-ply silk), plus Au Ver a Soie 100/3.


The sampler is about 13 1/2" wide x 9 1/2" tall on white congress cloth 18" wide x 15" tall.


The sampler is a bit of a challenge because it is not blackwork as most people do blackwork. I've taken great liberties with the blackwork in the interest of producing the very best iron I could wrought in silk.


In addition to all the blackwork, I stitched pots in traditional needlepoint stitches and flowers in overdyed ribbon embroidery.


The instructions are 41 pages long including the title page. In addition there are 8 Oversize Graphs laying out the blackwork in detail, and a color copy of the finished sampler.



Below are closeups of some of the motifs of Iron Wrought in Silk. As you can see, you could easily use the individual motifs on small projects