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Echoes II: Tudor Rose Sampler


Complete Kit: Instructions, Beads, Threads and congress cloth.

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Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread

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Two Versions of Echoes II: with 'simulated' cutwork and with genuine cutwork.

Both included in instructions.  Scroll down for descriptions.

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Above,  Echoes of Elizabeth II: Tudor Rose Sampler with Simulated Cutwork


Below, Echoes of Elizabeth II: Tudor Rose Sampler with Genuine Cutwork. The instructions include both versions.

History of Echoes and Echoes II Samplers

Years ago I stitched the original Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler and it proved to be one of my most popular ever samplers.


When I took the last stitch of the original sampler, I started planning the pair for it, but I didn't stitch it till a year ago when suddenly the time seemed right.


I wanted to stitch another for the following reasons:  I had wished in the original that I had incorporated a bit of the history of the Tudor Rose by stitching little white roses and little red roses for the Houses of York and Lancaster.


I also wanted to stitch the crown above the rose, plus I wanted the blackwork designs to reflect the Tudor Rose itself, and if you see the small beaded designs above, below and on each side, you will see the abstract roses created by the ring of red beads around the center pearl and the leaves by the pairs of blue-green bugle beads.


As I was working the sampler, Margaret Foster, a favorite follower of mine, happened to tell me that she was afraid to stitch her Echoes because of the cutwork. It occurred to me that there were likely others who felt the same and I started to see if I could figure out a simulated cutwork pattern that would maintain the feel of the cutwork so popular at the dawn of lace, but be easy to stitch.


It took me a while to figure out the patterns, but look carefully at the cutwork on each version and you will see the two are very close. You can choose which version you prefer (you might want to try both on a doodle and then choose). And now, Margaret, you can stitch your original Echoes. Thanks for the idea!


Echoes II, Tudor Rose Sampler, is the same size as the original Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler: approximately 9 1/2" x 13" on a piece of white congress cloth 14" x 17".


The threads include Overdyed Thread Gatherer silk, Soie d'Alger, Impressions, pearl cotton and a lot of Kreinik braid. The pearls include several different sizes, the beads are assorted shapes and styles of crystals, glass beads gold colored metal, glass bugle beads and bead caps.


The stitches include a wide variety of modern patterns to reflect the style of Elizabethan work.


The kit includes the instructions, a color copy of my finished sampler, all threads, all beads and white congress cloth.


The instructions are 64 pages long plus a title page. There are four oversize graphs and a color copy of my sampler as well.

As I look at the photo of Echoes II, I notice that the profusion of pearls doesn't show up clearly in the photos. Below see the lines pointing to the rows of pearls along the center.

Below: Threads for Tudor Rose Sampler

Oh thank you for Echos II - I have one lingering for exactly the same reason as Margaret. Can not wait.


New: Choice of cutwork on Echoes II


Below: Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler (the original Echoes)


Below: A profusion of beads and pearls for Tudor Rose Sampler

Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread**

 $12.00 including shipping.


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