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Eleanor's Fob

Instructions and Beads, including shipping:


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Great quality Solingen Scissors**

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Fun Purple Purple Scissors**

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Eleanor's Scissors Fob


Originally I sold Eleanor's Scissors fob and scissors a year ago at E-Week 2016.


The fob package includes the instructions and beads and pearls.


You should have enough thread left over from an Eleanor project (the Sewing Case or Eleanor herself) to have a good start on the fob.


Scissors The scissors are wonderful quality German scissors with very narrow blades and sharp points. The design is a pierced scrolling design and perfect for Eleanor.


I have only six of the scissors.


Alternative Scissors

Much less expensive (but not the fine quality) are Purple Purple Scissors from Kelmscott.  They actually cut well and they are great fun with the Sewing Case.


Below: Back of Fob.


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Solingen Scissors are gone.

Purple Purple Scissors are gone.