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The Queen's Gold

A Coin Purse for Eleanor


Eleanor's Coin Purse Kit

Instructions, Beads, Threads, congress cloth and replica coin.

Kit does not include magnets.

$45.50 includes shipping.


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Coin Purse Instructions and Beads

Instructions and beads only (no congress cloth, no threads, no coin)

$26.50 includes shipping




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Eleanor's Coin Purse is comprised of two pieces: a front-and-flap piece and a back piece. In finishing the pieces, the flap folds down, ties with tassels and holds the coin plus a magnet.

The Back of Eleanor's Coin Purse


Uses for Eleanor's Coin Purse


My friend Natalie suggested a coin purse that would double as a needle magnet and a pin (brooch). DH knew a super story about Eleanor and the Queen's Gold and he found replica medieval coins for Eleanor's Coin Purse.


With a magnet inside the coin purse and another magnet underneath your frame, the coin purse will hold your needles like any other needles magnet. I put the needles on the top of the little purse and the magnet inside held them tightly in place. Please note that the kit does not include the magnets.


With a magnet inside the coin purse, place the coin purse on a jacket lapel and the second magnet underneath the lapel, the coin purse becomes a pin (brooch). Tuck in   a folded bill and you have pin money.


To fold the bill: hold the bill in landscape position (wide instead of tall), fold it in thirds, then fold it in half (top to bottom) and it fits snugly in the coin purse.


Fold a bill as instructed above, slip it in the purse, pin the purse on a Christmas tree and it can become a present for a child or a grandchild.







Description of Eleanor's Coin Purse Kit


Eleanor's Coin Purse has two parts: a back-plus-flap piece and a front. When assembled, the flap folds down over the front and ties to hold the contents in place.


Stitched on a 7" x  8" piece of ivory congress cloth, the assembled purse is 2 1/8" tall x 1 7/8" wide.


The kit includes instructions, beads, Soie d'Alger in 3 colors, Planet Earth silk, Kreinik braids #8 and #4, pearl cotton in 2 colors and Impressions in 3 colors, congress cloth.


The kit includes a replica coin, but does NOT include two magnets. If you don't have magnets, you can order them from Needle in a Haystack:


The instructions are 17 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy of the purse unassembled and assembled.

The booklet includes instructions for assembling the purse.

A replica Medieval coin for John Lackland, King of England and Eleanor's son.

Eleanor's Coin Purse: Two Versions


The Full Kit, with the Coin

I have a limited number of complete kits with the replica coin, instructions, beads, all threads and congress cloth.

This version is $45.50 including shipping.


Why are the kits so limited? Because I have so few coins left. (I sold almost all of them last February).



Instructions and Beads Only

(no congress cloth, no threads, no coin)

$26.50 including shipping.


And chances are good, if you have one Eleanor project,  you will have enough threads for a good start on the Coin Purse.


Eleanor's Coin Purse is meant to be a magnet needle-holder for your canvas. Tuck one magnet into the little purse and one underneath congress cloth and you will have a little needle holder.

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