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John James Needles and a Needle Threader **

to fit in Eleanor's Sewing Case

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Eleanor's Needles

Packet of all the Needles and Nymo Thread originally for stitching Eleanor but just as useful for Eleanor's Sewing Case


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A paper folder with three pages of needles for stitching Eleanor, plus two spools of Nymo thread. The folder comes in a semi-transparent envelope.

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On the right is the threader with the scissors fob. I made a special smaller fob for the threader, to match the set, but I didn't have time to get it proofed. I will do it later on. If you would like it, email me.

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When Carol C. proofed both Catherine and Eleanor, her recommendation for both was that I provide a set of all the needles and beading thread for each Queen.


Here is a packet of all the Needles you will need for stitching Eleanor: tapestry needles in four sizes, embroidery (sharp) needles in two sizes and beading needles in three sizes, plus Nymo thread in two sizes. The packet includes two of each needle and four of Tapestry needles #24.


The pages of the needle packet also include comments on each of the needles.


This time, for Eleanor's Needles, my print shop not only printed the folders, but they also cut the felt and assembled all of the needles, no small job -- it was a big help!



Inside page showing the Tapestry Needles (one of three pages of needles).

The booklet also includes four Embroidery (sharp) Needles and six Beading Needles, plus two spools of Nymo thread, in short all the needles and beading thread you will need for stitching Eleanor.

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