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Echoes Beaded Heart





New: Echoes Beaded Heart. Be sure to scroll down and see Echoes Imitation Cutwork Heart.  The designs have interchangeable parts.


Echoes Beaded Heart

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Echoes Beaded Heart complete kit

(Instructions, threads, beads and pearls and congress cloth).

$76.00 including shipping.

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Echoes Beaded Heart, instructions and beads only (no threads, no congress cloth)

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Both Echoes Beaded Heart and Echoes Imitation Cutwork Heart

complete kits

$103.00 including shipping.




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Description of Echoes Beaded Heart

Borrowing the design elements of my Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler and Echoes II Tudor Rose Sampler, I stitched a pair of Echoes Hearts. This one is Echoes Beaded Heart and it has a little spice from the red beads and pearls etc.


Echoes Beaded Heart measures approximately 4 1/2" wide at its widest by 4 1/4" tall at its tallest. I stitched it on a piece of soft ivory (color) congress cloth 8" x 8".


The threads include Soie d'Alger, pearl cotton, Impressions and Kreinik braid. The heart is embellished with pearls, glass beads and small gold-plated brass bead caps.


This pair of Echoes Hearts (scroll down for a comparison) have an unusual feature: the parts are interchangeable so that you can play designer if you wish


The instructions booklet for Echoes Beaded Heart is 17 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy of my finished heart.


The instructions booklet does not include instructions for assembling the heart (I leave that job to a professional finisher).

Shipping Outside the U.S.

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Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread $12.50 including shipping.


I thought it necessary to offer needles I know will work with the pearls I use so often, so I have made a folder with Queendom Website's Logo on the cover. It has two each #10. #12 and #15 beading needles in felt and a spool each of Nymo thread '0' and '00' included.


$12.50 includes shipping.

Below: photos of the threads and beads for Echoes Beaded Heart

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An Unusual Feature

If you fancy playing designer, here is a chance. If you look closely at the two hearts you will see that the bands are interchangeable.  For example look at the center: the center squares on the hearts are the same size, as are the dividing bands, so they are interchangeable.


The two hearts provide an easy way to juggle patterns and be original in a very unthreatening way.


Here are some changes I might try:


1. For Echoes Beaded Square, stitch the beaded square, but save the beads below and above the square and the pearls as well.


2. Stitch the blue Cross Stitch variation and the diagonal blackwork pattern from the Imitation Cutwork Heart on the Beaded Heart. You might even consider doing the Cross Stitch in gold Kreink braid or outlining the blue Cross Stitch Variation in gold.


3. Now stitch the Imitation Cutwork Heart and use the beads and pearls you saved for the patterns above and below the center square. This way you will end up with two beaded hearts.