Eleanor's Sewing Case

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Great quality Solingen Scissors**

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Lesser quality but fun Purple Purple Scissors**

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Eleanor's Sewing Case


Eleanor's Sewing Case Kit

Instructions, beads, threads, congress cloth and finishing materials for the Sewing Case (Scissors, Needles, Fob and Coin purse are separate).

$188.00, including shipping.




Eleanor's Fob

Instructions and Beads, including shipping: $32.50.





John James Needles (one packet of 25 needles size #24) and a needle threader**

to fit in Eleanor's Sewing Case

$13.50 includes shipping.





Eleanor's Needles:

the big paper folder

$24.50 including shipping.

Eleanor's Coin Purse

Instructions, beads, threads, congress cloth and replica coin

Kit does not include magnets.

$45.50 includes shipping.




Eleanor's Coin Purse

Instructions and beads only

(no congress cloth, no threads, no coin, does not include magnets).

$26.50 includes shipping.

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Above: The Front of Eleanor's Sewing Case with accessories (fob, scissors and coin purse magnet)

Above: The insides of Eleanor's Sewing Case showing pockets for threader, needles and scissors.

Back of Eleanor's Sewing Case

A paper folder with three pages of needles for stitching Eleanor, plus two spools of Nymo thread. The folder comes in a semi-transparent envelope.

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I made a sewing case for Elizabeth (Echoes of Elizabeth Sewing Case). I made a sewing case for Catherine.

So how could I not make one for Eleanor.


So here, worked in Eleanor's colors is Eleanor's Sewing Case.


At the last E-Week, I sold Eleanor's scissors and fob, in February Eleanor's tiny coin purse. What I didn't say was that I made them all to go with Eleanor's Sewing Case.


Eleanor's Sewing Case is worked on three pieces of soft ivory (color) congress cloth in Soie d'Alger silk (7 colors), Planet Earth silk (1 color),pearl cotton (2 colors) Kreinik braid, Gilt Smooth Passing Thread, Accentuate, 100/3 silk and Impressions (3 colors). In addition are four little baggies of assorted beads and pearls.


The sewing case is approximately 3 3/4" wide by 5 1/2" tall when closed, about 7 1/2" wide when open.


The instructions for Eleanor's Sewing Case are 51 pages long plus a title page and a color copy of the pieces of my sewing case. In addition there are two Oversize Graphs. The instructions include how to finish the sewing case (it is easy).

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Two photos of Purple Purple Scissors, first in the pocket of Eleanor's Sewing Case, second with the fob

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Above:  One John James package


On the left is the threader with the scissors fob.

Inside page showing the Tapestry Needles (one of three pages of needles).

The booklet also includes four Embroidery (sharp) Needles and six Beading Needles, plus two spools of Nymo thread, in short all the needles and beading thread you needed for stitching Eleanor and now will need for stitching her Sewing Case.

Eleanor's Sewing Case Kit Contents: Beads and Threads below:

Beads and Pearls for Eleanor's Sewing Case

     Four small baggies of gold plated brass beads,

     Czech glass beads

     Different sizes of pearls to fill out the pattern

Threads for Eleanor's Sewing Case

     Seven colors of Soie d'Alger

     One Planet Earth silk

     Two pearl cottons (I forgot the ball of ecru

          pearl cotton in the photo)

     Three colors of Impressions

     Two spools of Kreinik braid

     One partial spool of Gilt Passing Thread

     Card of Accentuate

     Card of 100/3 silk