December 27

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Happy Holidays 2018


Christmas is past, and here it is, the days AFTER and what to do?

Go shopping?


Here are some possibilities currently for sale on eBay. Enjoy!

After Christmas, what do many people do? Go Shopping?


As an after-Christmas treat, I have been looking on eBay for tools that are the sorts I posted in

my series, 'The Twelve Days before Christmas'.


In the next few days I will post a handful of tools I found on eBay that would interest me.

I usually look for an interesting feature, for example I like the cover to the first crochet hook and the 1911 patent.

A pretty hemmemasure with a 3" ruler, perfect for your bag of needlework supplies.


$68.48  Buy It Now plus postage


Click on the link below to read more:

A Bargain! A pretty stiletto with a silver handle marked 'sterling'. We modern stitchers love to use stilettos as laying tools and here is a pretty one ready to go to work/


Price is great, $29.95 including shipping.


Click on the link below to read more:

Here is a pattern tracer similar to the ones I displayed in 'Twelve Days before Christmas, at an good price of $10.00,

with a 'make an offer' option.


You might consider offering $8.00 and see what happens.


Price is $10.00  plus shipping


Click on the link below to read more:


Oooo, here's a double-headed tracer for a very good price of $5.99.


Price is $5.99 iplus $4.00 shipping


Click on the link below to read more:

More tomorrow.