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Tree Top Angel's History


Tree Top Angel is one of my oldest designs. I think she pre-dates even Santa Fe Square which is my oldest geometric.


I don't know how old she is. For years I lost her (both framed and standalone models) then somebody who had borrowed her returned her to me.


The last update I found for her is 2009. Was that the last time I sold her or have I sold her since? I found a photo dated 2014 -- is it possible I sold her then? I haven't a clue.


Whatever, I decided that I have so many newbies, and after a group of expensive and intricate designs from the summer, I decided to bring back old patterns of mine on 18 mesh canvas. I wanted to give people's eyes and pocketbooks a rest.


I think all the threads are still in existence, but the colors might not be. Pick any color combination you like as I designed projects such as Tree Top Angel and the geometrics with that in mind.


Tree Top Angel

Instructions Only

$39.00 including shipping.


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Christmas Roundel Ornaments

Instructions only.

$28.00 including shipping.





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Tree Top Angel as a framed picture and as a stand alone with both front and back.

Instructions for both are included.

Christmas Roundel Ornaments are quickie geometrics and a good way to use stash threads.

Tree Top Angel's Supplies


If you wish to work the Front and the Back of Tree Top Angel, it will take two pieces of 18 mesh canvas 13" x 13" each.


The supplies include

Pearl cottons, Watercolours and Kreinik braid (or Cresta d'Oro).

The pattern lists 'Patina' which is extinct. I asked my LSN for a substitute and they suggested 'Panache'. If you wish, a pearl cotton would likely work as well.


The instructions are among my very early ones and different from my instructions today, but there are tons of Tree Top Angels out in Stitcherland, I am guessing at least 30 years of them, so the instructions do work.


The instructions are 45 pages long, for both sides, plus a title page and  a color copy of my Tree Top Angels .

Christmas Roundel Ornaments


These are little eight-sided Mini-Geometrics,

about 4" x 4" on a piece of 18 mesh

canvas 8" x 8".


The supplies are very basic:

I used Vineyard Silk, but any

number of other threads will

work well. Pepper Pot would

be a good choice also,

and Kreinik ribbon and braid.


These ornaments are perfect for using your

stash and they take no time to make.


The instructions for both ornaments (you

add a border to make the larger ornament)

are 12 pages long plus a title page and a color

copy of my ornaments.


Chirstmas Roundel Ornaments History


I designed Christmas Roundel Ornaments 5 years ago for much the same reason I am bringing them back now. After a long period of intricate and expensive designs, I looked for something basic to give both eyes and pocketbook a rest. These are quick and easy and a good excuse to use up stash threads.


I don't know that all the colors listed in the instructions are still available, but substitutions are easy and a good excuse to experiment with color.

October 17

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