Chatelaine Chains

Chatelaine Chains

I have a limited number of chatelaine chains in each style for sale and will sell them to the first who request them. These are for sale separately from the Chatelaine pieces.


Email me your choice or choices in order of preference.

I will send you an invoice as soon as I can.



Chatelaine A is $128.00 including shipping.


Chatelaine B is $87.00 including shipping.


Chatelaine C is $76.00 including shipping.

Variations C-1, C-2 and C-3.




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Four Styles of Chatelaine Chains to hold Elizabeth's Chatelaine Tools.


These are for sale separately from the Chatelaine pieces.


Scroll down for descriptions of each chain and photos  with Elizabeth's Tools.


Scroll down farther and you will find a photo Elizabeth at the bottom of the page, with the Chatelaine Chain and all the tools hanging on her frame.


Chatelaine Chain A

Fully Beaded with gold, charcoal and pearl seed beads, charcoal crystals, tiny gold flower spacers, pearls, pearl balls, pearl rings and ruby and emerald glass jewels to match Elizabeth's Tools.

Tiny gunmetal lobster claws attach to rings sewn on each of the tools.  The chain is approximately 45"  inches long. 45"-47" is comfortably long so that the tools rest in your lap when you are stitching.

$ 128.00

Chatelaine Chain A with Elizabeth's tools

Chatelaine Chain B


Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

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Scroll down for more photos.

Surprisingly, even with all the tools on them, the chains are not heavy. I've worn Chains A and B several times to test them; Chains C and D are even lighter.


The Chatelaine Tools and Cases are small and in themselves, light weight.


I've also tried all kinds of tool combinations: one tool to a lobster claw, two, even three.

E-Week 2016 has ended, so nothing more for sale.

I will leave all information in place so that you may check your kits and patterns as they arrive.

Chatelaine Chain B with Elizabeth's tools

Chatelaine Chain B

A light-weight gunmetal designer chain with beaded portions matching the description of Chain A.  I have 5 of these.

Price is $87.00 each. The chain is approximately 47" long and even lighter weight.

Chatelaine Chain B

I have 2 of these left.



Chatelaine Chain C-1

with Elizabeth's Tools.

Chatelaine Chain C -1 Variation gold

A light-weight Italian designer chain, part dark brown, part gold colored, with beaded portions matching the description of Chain A. The chain is approximately 47" long.

I have 1 of these. $76.00 including shipping.



Chatelaine Chain C-1

I have one of these.



Each Chatelaine Chain includes 10 gunmetal-color jump rings. Sew a jump ring to the corner or center of each case and then hook each tool to a lobster claw at the end of a chain.

Note: Gunmetal-color jump rings come with chains, not with the individual pieces.


I tried a variety of ways to display the tools on the chain, sometimes one to a lobster claw, sometimes two.

Of course the Thread Caddy naturally has two on a lobster claw.

What is the difference between Chains B and Chains C?


Essentially Chains B have more beading.

Chatelaine Chain C-3

I have three of these.



Chatelaine Chain C-2

I have one of these.



Chain C-2 . Chains of two different weights. The chain is slightly over 47" long at its longest. I have one of these.

$76.00 including shipping.

Chain C-3 . Chains of two different weights, similar to C-2. They are approximately 47" long at their longest.  I have 3 of these.

$76.00 including shipping.

Elizabeth with the Chatelaine Chain and Tools hanging on the side of her frame. Notice the patterns, pearls and jewels coordinate with the portrait.


Which Chatelaine Chain is hanging on Elizabeth's frame?

I don't remember -- it is either A or B because I didn't do C until after I'd taken the photo.

Sorry I don't remember.