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A Beautiful Collection of Stilettos from Carolyn


Only one of each. If you see one you like, write to me straight away and if you are the first person to ask, the stiletto will be yours.


PLEASE type the item number into the heading of your email: for example: 5-6


This year I think Carolyn outdid herself! In the year of Victoria, some very pretty very deluxe stilettos. Stilettos are favorites with stitchers because they make wonderful laying tools.


 My favorite: here I can't choose just one! I love the ivory stilettos, the carving on each is so beautiful, but I would love to have any one of them.



5-1 My comments:

This stiletto is silver-gilt, that means it has a coat of gold on top of silver.

The shape is so pretty!

5-2  My comments:

I love the shape and design of this stiletto, its lines simple and stylish. I also think this would be a comfortable stiletto to hold because its end is larger.

5-3 My comments:

I had a difficult time posting this one because it is the sort of small stiletto with a hole in the end that I love. Can't you just see this little one with a pretty fob attached, and the carving on this one is so elaborate and pretty.

5-4  My comments:

A small stiletto with such a pretty silver handle. It looks to me like it once belonged in a 'Lady's Companion', one of those very pretty upright cases often made of leather, sometimes of mother of pearl and or tortoiseshell.


It would look very pretty in a modern sewing case. Nice to see such a small one on offer.

5-5 My comments:

,Two stilettos with highly decorative mother of pearl handles, maybe one for you and one for a friend. Given the excellent quality of these, the price is very reasonable.

5-6 My comments:

Of Carolyn's stilettos this year, this one is my favorite. As you might have guessed from my comments on the small ivory one above, I love these intricately carved stilettos. This one has particularly beautiful carving. Look at the end: do you think that is an abstract thistle? I couldn't tell for certain.


5-7  My comments:

What a beautiful stiletto this one is, with its wonderfully lornate silver handle. This comes from an opulent age, think of the great English houses with their beautiful housewares, maybe Upstairs, Downstairs or an earlier Downton Abbey. A beautiful part of the past.

5-8 My comments:

Here is a stiletto later than the other ivory handled stilettos, midway through Queen Victoria's reign. The handle is gorgeous, and it has the added decoration of a faceted shank.

All  Sold but look through them they are so beautiful!