Blue Topaz and Pearls Geometric

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Blue Topaz and Pearls



Complete Kit

Instructions, threads, beads and congress cloth.



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History of Blue Topaz and Pearls Geometric

People have written so often asking for this Geometric but I didn't know if I had any more beads for it and I had no idea where I might have stashed them.


Then this summer I went on a frenzied clean up spree around here. I actually got rid of about 65 bags of clutter and I found things I hadn't seen in years. One of the things I found: the beads for Blue Topaz and Pearls.


I don't have the usual number of kits I make for a project for E-Week, I have only about 1/3 as many as I would like to start a sale with, but I will keep the design posted for as long as I have kits. I am out of the beads and pearls so I can't make more kits.


I taught this design for ANG and if I remember correctly, at Callaway  but I've never sold the design online. Somebody sent me a listing on eBay for it one time and I followed the listing. It was for the whole kit, if I remember correctly, it was labeled 'RARE' and it sold for an incredible amount of money.


Sorry, I don't have a record of the dates I taught it. When I retired from travel teaching at seminars and my old computer crashed, I lost all my records of when and where I taught designs. I can take a guess: probably about 10-12 years ago.


Blue Topaz and Pearls is a geometric on white congress cloth 14" x 14" square. It is a four-way geometric measuring 9" x 9" at its widest points


I stitched the design in Thread Gatherer overdyed silk and in ribbon, plus Kreinik braid, Soie d'Alger silk and pearl cotton accents. The design uses a considerable amount of Kreinik braid in two colors and sizes.


The patterns are often traditional needlepoint stitches and composites with the addition of clusters of ribbon roses and leaves. I added pearls to the design, along with small blue topaz beads. The pearl in the center is a coin shape in lavender and there are four little Swarovksi sew on beads in lavender also.


The lavender is the accent color. The design is predominately a pale blue and white.


The instructions are 39 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy of the my geometric. In addition there is one Oversize Graph.

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The Sale has finished.

I have left everything in place so that people can check their packages as the packages arrive but there is nothing more for sale.


Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread

$12.00 including shipping.


Below: Kit contents for Blue Topaz and Pearls include Overdyed ribbon, lots of Kreinik braid, Soie d'Alger silk and pearl cotton.  Beads and Pearls are in the photo below right.