December 29

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Happy Holidays 2018


Christmas is past, and here it is, the days AFTER and what to do?

Go shopping?


Here are some possibilities currently for sale on eBay. Enjoy!

After Christmas, what do many people do? Go Shopping?


As an after-Christmas treat, I have been looking on eBay for tools that are the sorts I posted in

my series, 'The Twelve Days before Christmas'.


In the next few days I will post a handful of tools I found on eBay that would interest me.


Stiletto with a pretty silver gilt handle.

The photo isn't wonderful so visit the site and enlarge the photo to see the details on the handle.


$75.00  Buy It Now plus $9.00 postage

or make an offer. If you like it, you might try an offer of $60.00.



Click on the link below to read more:

French sewing case with silver thimble and scissors (silver handles, steel blades on scissors. Very pretty styling and looks to be in good condition.


Price is $220 including shipping

The dealer will accept an offer, and I would try $180.00.


Click on the link below to read more:




Pretty hem measure made by Webster, one of my favorite silversmiths. These little hem measures are great as little rulers to include with your essential tools (much more decorative than a short plastic ruler).


Price is $115  including shipping.

or best offer. It might be worth trying an offer of $85.00.


Click on the link below to read more:

A post-Christmas splurge?  One of the prettiest and most unusual hem measures I've seen, this one has an enamel head and slider and a nice monogram just under the head. When buying something with enamel, be sure to write to the dealer and ask if there is any damage to the enamel, or in fact, to the hem measure itself. That way, if there is damage, you can return it to the dealer for a full refund (this looks like it is in great shape but I would check anyway)


Price is $195.00 including shipping.

or best offer. See if the dealer would accept $156.00.


Click on the link below to read more:

More tomorrow.

Notes on making offers: this is usually a good time of year to try: if these tools go into the New Year unsold, chances are good they might remain so for a while. Remember, people not only go on weight loss diets but also on spending diets in the New Year.


Might as well try and see what somebody says you never know.