Victoria Study Box Top

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Victoria Study Box Top

Complete kit: instructions, threads, beads and canvas.

(Does not include the Box)

$78.00 includes shipping.


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Box available from Kate Gaunt




Victoria Collector's Starter Kit

See photos and description below. (Includes a Victoria Jubilee pattern likely for 1897)

It was $58.50; without bobbins, it is now $ 49.50.




Needle Packet with Beading Needles and Thread

$14.50 including shipping




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Victoria Study Box


For this year, the year of my Queen Victoria Portrait, I stitched a small geometric to fit in a Sudberry box for a study collection of Victoria Memorabilia, often called 'Victoriana.'


Below  is a photo of the Study Box with a NewCollection Starter Kit of Victoriana

See Update below right.



Victoria Study Box Top

Here is a geometric I stitched, borrowing  the patterns of Honiton Lace and Orange Blossoms from my portrait of Queen Victoria.


The Geometric is suitable for framing or as a box top in a white Sudberry Box. The framed geometric is on the left, scroll down to see the same geometric in the top of the Sudberry Box.


Scroll way down to see kit contents



There is so much on this page, please be sure to scroll down!

Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread $14.50 including shipping.


I thought it necessary to offer needles I know will work with the pearls I use so often, so I have made a folder with Queendom Website's Logo on the cover. It has two each #10. #12 and #15 beading needles in felt and a spool each of Nymo thread '0' and '00' included.


$14.50 includes shipping.

Victoria Collection Starter Kit (below)

Contents of Victoria Collection Starter Kit


In Queen Victoria's Own Words

A small accordion leaflet with Queen Victoria's description of her wedding day in her own words.


Queen Victoria's Jubilee

A reproduction of a counted pattern for one of VIctoria's Jubilees. I include modern instructions for the first page and enlargements of each of the other three pages.


A Small Kit

Along with the pattern for Queen Victoria's Jubilee are a piece of congress cloth and two colors of Soie d'Alger more or less matching the little folding Jubilee Pattern.


Two 19th Century Honiton Lace Bobbins

Two 19th century Honiton lace bobbins so that you will see what they are like. At least one of your bobbins is wound with thread. I enormously enjoyed unreeling a tiny bit to see the weight of the thread.


Reproductions of Five Pricking Patterns

A sheet of stiff heavy paper much the same in color and weight as the original patterns.

They have faint lines around them so that you can cut them out. Don't worry about cutting them super evenly, the originals are cut very roughly, and at the same angles and the reprodutions.



Update on Thursday Afternoon

I ran out of Victorian Collector Starter Kits mid afternoon on the first day. I was out of bobbins but I had all the other ingredients.

When Jody W. ordered one, I asked her if she wanted the new one and a refund and she said 'yes' it was the Jubilee patterns she was after.  So I made some more. Without the bobbins, the price is $49.50, or $9.00 less.



Honiton Lace Is Not Included

The Honiton Lace Collar is not included.

but it and many more samples of Honiton Lace will be featured in the Surprise Windows on Saturday Morning, October 13. I made five pages of Honiton Lace.


Saturday's Surprise Windows


On the left: the photo of a detail of a Honiton lace collar with a thistle, sharmocks and abstract roses.

The collar is one of many pieces of Honiton lace for sale in Saturday's Surprise Windows. There are five pages of Honiton samples in the Surprise Windows this year.


Why so much interest in Honiton Lace?

Because Honiton is the lace in Queen Victoria's veil and wedding dress.


Yes, some of the pieces are expensive, but there is a whole page of snippets that are priced for the packing and shipping costs. They are virtually free to good homes.



Why I am selling this Lace


There are five pages of Honiton Samples in my Surprise Windows this year. Yes, some pieces are expensive, but a whole page is not.


One of the five pages has small samples that are virtually free: I am selling them for the price of packing and shipping them (in fact, I'm not even sure the price will pay for the packing and shipping).


Why did I hunt up these small Honiton lace samples, catalogue, photograph and describe them and then virtually give them away?


It is my attempt to leave a legacy of appreciation for lace and whitework among my followers. We needleworkers are the natural people to be interested in these art forms. If you show interest in them and you visit collections of lace and whitework, the museums will begin to see an interest and they will allocate more of their resources to needlework, instead of all of the money going to Dead White-Man's Art.'


Stitching a Jubilee Commemoration for

Queen Victoria 100+ years later.

See the accordion pattern in the photo of the starter kit, the little one in a rusty red and ecru.


This pattern, a reproduction of an original pattern first made to celebrate one of Victoria's Jubilees and it features the above design, plus two pages of borders and a page for an alphabet.


I drafted the above motif and turned it into modern, easier-to-read instructions and I added a possible border to make an ornament, then I stitched the motif. It was an 11th hour decision.


I stitched only the center motif on the page; there is also a ship, a goose, a bee and a butterfly in the corners but I wanted to make the motif into an ornament.  The modern graphs include a couple of options: the border to make an ornament, or also the original motifs in the corners.


It didn't take long and was fun to do. I felt like I was using an original pattern yo celebrate Queen Victoria 100+ years after her 1997 Jubilee.


My modern instructions are ** pages long. In addition I have included 4 pages of the original pattern blown up to 8.5" x 11".



Below are a couple of the photographs of Victoriana in the Special Secret Collections Room.

A Special Secret Collections Room


Collecting is a disease. DH says it was inevitable that I would catch the disease because my mother and both grandmothers had it. Early on, my mother and paternal grandmother decided I should collect needlework tools.


I decided to do a special secret page on Queendom Website where I will post photos of my own Victoriana (as it is often called). Mine isn't for sale but for you who make the Victoria Study Box and want to collect some Victoriana, it will give you all sorts of ideas. I think you will be surprised at the variety, and as I find listings for interesting little things, I will post the links to them.


I am not ready to fess up in public so I will keep the page a limited secret for my fellow Victoriana collectors.


Important Note: How long will the Special Secret Collections Room be posted? Through March 2019 for certain, and maybe longer. It will all depend on moving and my new website.


Access to the Secret Collections Room will

be included with any of the following:


Victoria Study Box Top

Victoria Tools (Needle Book, Scissors Case,

      Scissors and Fob)

Collection Starter Kit

Honiton Lace Samples (on Saturday Morning)

Sarah's Sampler Kits.


Above is the Victoria Collection Starter Kit in the white Sudberry Box. On the lower right corner you can see a part of the little design I stitched.

Tall silver thimble made to commemorate Queen Victoria's wedding. Notice the portraits of both Victoria and Albert, c 1840.

Scissors with silver handles and sheath. Notice Victoria's small crown on the handles and if the photo were slightly larger, you could see the Tudor Rose on the sheath.

These are the scissors that began my work on my portrait of Queen Victoria.

Thimble not for sale

Scissors not for sale

See Update below!

Only change: no bobbins.

October 17

The sale has finished.


Kit Contents for Victoria Study Box Geometric


Soie d'Alger in seven colors

Spools of Trebizond, Soie Perlee and Au Ver a Soie 100/3

Silk ribbon


The beads include:

Oval glass sapphire,

Vintage montees,

Silver crystals

Seed beads in two sizes.


The design is 5" x 5" on a piece of white congress cloth 9" x 9".


The instructions booklet is 20 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy