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Lesson #5 Beginning and Ending Threads

Revising my beginning lessons.

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Intermediate Lessons


After you have been stitching for a while, you will learn to look at your work with a more critical eye.


Here are a series of lessons for people who would like to refine their stitching abilities.


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Lesson #5  Beginning and Ending Threads Revised


If you work a short row of Gobelin Stitch over 4 Meshes and look at it carefully, you will see that there is ever so slight a slant to your stitches:










When you reach the end of your row, bury your thread end (from 16 to AA)  and begin a new thread (from BB to 1) in the conventional way, you may find this happening:










Here's a worthwhile solution: pull your old thread to the right at park at AA;

mount your new thread at BB and you will notice that the slant for all stitches will be consistent.

















I have one more small revision to the above technique.

Have you ever noticed that ending a thread through the back of a row may tighten those stitches and disturb your tension ever so slightly?


You will potentially avoid tension issues if you anticipate changing threads and mount thread BB at the same time you mount thread AA as illustrated below.


Mount thread BB, carry it to the right and park it; mount  thread AA and work: up at 1, down at 2, up at 3, down at 4, etc. Notice you are working over both AA and BB, so that when the time comes to changer from thread AA to thread BB, you can pick up BB and it is ready to go.










As you transition from beginning to intermediate needlepoint, you will find that much of your concentration will be on evening out your work and this is one small tip that may help your work be more consistent.