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Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Cranfield House Sampler

Cranfield House Instructions

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October 17

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Cranfield House Sampler Description


Cranfield House is my version of a traditional late 18th c-early 19th c pictorial sampler with a Georgian House. There is a real Cranfield House and I once was lucky enough to have tea in it.


I first taught Cranfield House at an ANG National Seminar as a 2-day class, and then went on to teach it at Callaway. One year I sold it as my Pre-Week offering. It was my most requested pattern that year.


I worked the design on 14” x 17” ecru congress cloth in Soie d’Alger silks and 2 balls of ecru pearl cotton.  The colors are listed under supplies in the pattern.


If I were to work the sampler today, I would definitely work it on  'soft ivory' congress cloth. For those of you who want to use linen, please don't work on linen smaller than 28 count. Of course it is possible to work the design on smaller count linen, but there is a possibility the thread becomes too heavy looking.


The instructions booklet for Cranfield House is 45 pages long including the title page. In addition there are 5 oversize graphs and a color copy of the finished sampler.

The instructions are $44 including shipping.