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Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Welcome to My Preview


Handkerchiefs with Honiton Lace Borders

and Doilies.


I have had a long romance with handkerchiefs, as many of you know, so these are hard to part with.


Here is one of the pieces that will be for sale at 10:00 a.m. California time on October 13.


There will be a total of 9  pieces of Honiton for sale on this page.


Honiton Handkerchief, 14" square.

Perfect for covering Victoria as you stitch her.


Condition: a mend that is difficult to spot,

otherwise in good condition.



Honiton Lace for Sale


Only one of each

If you would like to buy one  please email me.


Be sure to specify the number in the subject title and in the email.


I will take requests in the order I receive them and will contact you as soon as I can.


(It probably will take me Saturday afternoon and perhaps Sunday to process the requests).


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