December 30

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Happy Holidays 2018


Christmas is past, and here it is, the days AFTER and what to do?

Go shopping?


Here are some possibilities currently for sale on eBay. Enjoy!

After Christmas, what do many people do? Go Shopping?


As an after-Christmas treat, I have been looking on eBay for tools that are the sorts I posted in

my series, 'The Twelve Days before Christmas'.


In the next few days I will post a handful of tools I found on eBay that would interest me.


Beautiful Art Nouveau hem measure by Unger Bros for what I think is a very reasonable price. It is Unger Bros for starters,Unger Bros hem measures are without doubt the most elegant ones, and I've not seen this one often.


Here's one of the differences: with other hem measures, only the head is silver (sterling). Unger Bros hem measures are all silver.


Almost everything made by Unger Bros is elegant. Can you tell I have a thing about this silver maker?



$99.00 Buy It Now plus $4.00 postage


Click on the link below to read more:

I was planning to keep these eBay listings all 'Buy it Now' but then I found the Unger Bros hem measure and went on and on about Unger Bros so I went searching and found more Unger Bros listings -- they are auctions not Buy It Now, but I decided converting to a few auctions wouldn't be bad.


The auction for these scissors ends in 6 days. The opening price is $118.00. Shipping is $7.20


Click on the link below to read more:




A second pair of scissors by Unger Bros.

Again, an auction with 2 days to run.

So far the price is $20.50 with 2 bids.


Click on the link below to read more:

A third pair of Unger Bros scissors. Usually there aren't this many, so an embarrassment of riches.


These are the most reasonable: $99.00 or Best Offer. Interested? Try offering $80.00


Click on the link below to read more:

An elegant and useful hemmeasure and also too expensive IMHO. But also very unusual, a 6" hem measure, by Unger Bros.


$199.00 plus shipping.


Click on the link below to read more:


More tomorrow.

Notes on making offers: this is usually a good time of year to try: if these tools go into the New Year unsold, chances are good they might remain so for a while. Remember, people not only go on weight loss diets but also on spending diets in the New Year.


Might as well try and see what somebody says you never know.