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Coins and Medals for Queen Victoria

These are all coins or medals with a picture of Queen Victoria. Scroll down for stories. And see on the left what I did with one I kept?


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# 6-1

Victoria Coins Only one each.  Please email me


Please please use number in subject line of email: example  #6-3. I will let you know on Saturday afternoon.

Above: fronts of Coins


Below: backs of Coins










Victoria Coins and Medals: Descriptions and Stories


I collected this very small stash of coins and medals, just 8 of them, because I thought they would be wonderful fob ends. I looked for ones with holes in them already and here is what I found. All have holes, so easy to use at the bottom of a fob.


#1 $28.00 including shipping

This one has 'One Penny Model' on it and a tiny disc of Queen Victoria. It is the only one I know nothing about, but I thought it would look super on the end of a small fob. Diameter is 3/4". It looks like a brass Victoria with tiny beading design surrounding Victoria and a larger copper surround.


#2 and #3  $36.00 each including shipping

Two silver threepenny coins dated 1898 and 1890 respectively. They are tiny coins, just 5/8" in diameter.

In good condition, but they were obviously circulated.  They went out of circulation in 1971, not long before I was in London for the first time.


When I first was London for a long stay and invited to an English afternoon party, I spent a long time talking to a woman who was interested in needlework. At the end of the party she gave me a three penny bit as a welcoming gift, because I had come so far. I remember she put it in my hand and closed my fingers around it and she told me it would bring me luck. Over the years, Englishwomen on several occasions gave me three penny bits and always told me they were for good luck.


Recently I looked up three penny coins and this is what I found:" In England silver threepences were baked inside the traditional Christmas pudding. It was supposed to bring good luck for a whole year to whoever got served the portion with the coin.


#4  $47.00 including shipping

This is a Commemorative Medal for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887, in brass and in good condition.

It is 1 1/4" in diameter. On the backside: "To Commemorate, The Jubilee of Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India 1887.


#5  $16.00 including shipping

An 1899 one-penny coin with Victoria, size 1 1/4". The coin is bronze. The condition is missing a bit of the detail.

#8 is the same coin but has a bit more detail.


#6  $58.00 including shipping

A half-rupee silver coin dated 1897, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

I found this one and the one I used on my fob and they were of the most interest to DH because of they were from India, noting Victoria first as Queen and later as Empress of India, and on the coin Queen Victoria is in Indian dress.

Ahh, the Raj. 1" in diameter, in good condition.


#7  $52.00 including shipping

A Victoria Commemorative Medal for her 1887 Jubilee, in silver and enamel.

Some of the enamel on the rim is missing, but I don't find the missing parts disfiguring.  1" in diameter, as I noted with some of the enamel missing on the rim.


#8  $18.00 including shipping

An 1899 one-penny coin with Victoria, size 1 1/4". The coin is bronze. This coin has a bit more of the detail than #5.


Notice the scissors on my fob. They are such pretty scissors and just about the same age (maybe a smidgen older) than my coin. Besides DH's interest in the coin, I chose it because it looked good with my scissors.


I had an idea: if you want scissors to match your coin, maye Carolyn might keep her eyes open for such scissors. We can always ask....

All  Sold

What to do with These Coins

I added my three penny bits to my Victoria Study Box; I made the Half Rupee Coin I saved into a fob as you will see on the upper left. I thought of making them all into fobs then thought better of it. What if you just wanted to put the coin in your box? So I made myself a fob which I love.


You could make a fob, or maybe Arlene who is an expert beaded would make it for you. You might ask her what it would cost.


For the three penny coins: you could put one on a small chain and wear it.