Elizabeth Coronation Crown

Elizabeth's Coronation Crown

Frame the crown or make an ornament of it.


Elizabeth's Coronation Crown complete kit,  $77.00 including shipping.


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Elizabeth's Coronation Crown

Instructions and beads (no threads and canvas)

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Description: Elizabeth's Coronation Crown


When I first stitched Catherine the Great, I began by stitching her remarkable coronation crown. Ever since, I have intended to stitch Elizabeth's Coronation Crown also, and finally this year the time came.


Elizabeth's Coronation Crown exists now only in the painting, although there are several Hollywood versions. The original crown is believed to have been destroyed during the Commonwealth in the mid-17th century.


I stitched my version in Soie d'Alger, Kreinik braid, Kreinik ribbon  and Bijoux on soft ivory (color) congress cloth. My original idea was to make an ornament, but I picked up the idea of framing the crown from Irene S. who framed Catherine's Coronation Crown.  Slightly larger than Catherine's Crown Ornament, the piece of congress cloth is 9" x 9".


Elizabeth's Coronation Crown is available as a complete kit (instructions, congress cloth, and all pearls, beads and threads) or

instructions and pearls an beads only (no threads or congress cloth).


The instructions are 20 pages long plus a title page and a color copy of my finished crown.


For the ornament version: finishing instructions and supplies are not included. I send my ornaments and hearts to a professional finisher.





Outside the U.S.

I am happy to sell patterns and kits to people outside the U.S. who have U.S. addresses.

I no longer ship outside the U.S.

The full kit for Elizabeth's Coronation Crown includes the following:


soft ivory (color) congress cloth

Kreinik braid

Kreinik ribbon


4 colors of Soie d'Alger (a 7-ply silk).

3 baggies of pearls and beads keyed to the instructions booklet.


Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread

$11.00 including shipping.




For several years Kate made needle packets with beading needles and threads, but she wanted to retire from the job.


I thought it necessary for me to offer needles I know will work with the pearls I use so often, so I have made a folder with Queendom Website's Logo on the cover. It has two each #10. #12 and #15 beading needles in felt and a spool each of Nymo thread '0' and '00' included.


$11.00 includes shipping.