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Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Goodies from Annette Navarro


If you would like any of these, please email Annette


1. A very clever Free Standing Victoria Christmas Card. Look at the different views showing how it stands.



#2. Victoria Gift Tags that also double as pretty little ornaments.

$3.75 each or $14.00 for the 4.


#3. A set of 12 Thread Drops with Victoria's picture. Notice the hole toward the bottom that will accommodate 1-3 threads. Very useful for all those half lengths of silk or floss.

$5.50 per set of 12


#4. and #5. Sets of Thread Drops in a mixture of pretty papers.

$5.50 per set of 12


Shipping: $3.75 for your order whether one or more items.


#2 Gift cards that double as

      pretty little ornaments

#1  A very clever standing card

Here is how the card stands

A sideview of the standing card

#3 Victoria on very useful

       Thread Drops

#4 Thread Drops in a

    variety of prettypapers

#5 More Thread Drops in a

     variety of pretty



For several years now Annette has been making clever accessories for needleworkers. Here are her newest creations for Queendom Website: a selection of paper accessories mostly built on the theme of my portrait of Queen Victoria.


Please note that the gift cards and the standing card aren't flat pieces of paper but sculptural little works of art.


The Thread Drops are single piece of cardstock cleverly cut out. Notice that the holes are large and will accommodate 1-3 colors.

October 17

The sale has finished.