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The Twelve Days before Christmas: Seven Guards a Guarding


Occupying a ton of time this year, DH and I catalogued the parts of my collection of needlework tools between 1840 and 1914, and on December 7 we gave the catalogue and tools to a small collections library.


I kept a copy of this year's catalogue and decided to borrow from our photos and descriptions tools for

12 Days before Christmas.

Scroll down for photos and descriptions of seven Pairs of Knitting Needle Guards.


What are Knitting Needle Guards?

Modern knitting needles have little ends to keep the knitting from slipping off the needles. Not so for knitting needles of yesteryear: they were like sock needles, they had nothing to keep the knitting from sliding off.


Once you finished your knitting for the day, you would hold your needles together, slip a shoe (for example) on one end, the other shoe on the other end and tighten the chain by adjusting the hook (you can see the hook on the shoes and on the pedestals).

The boots are missing their hook; the mother of pearl fish and boots have elastic.

Both pairs of pig's trotters are missing their cords.

Happy Holidays 2018


This Holiday Season on Queendom Website: The Twelve Days before Christmas told in Antique Needlework Tools.

Here are 7 pairs of Knitting Needle Guards.

Above, from left:

Silver shoes and silver boots, English, c 1880s.

Above, from left:

Mother of Pearl fish,and mother of pearl boots, English, c 1860s-1870s.



Pedestals with urns, English c 1890s.



Two pairs in the form of pig's trotters, one horn with fur, one bone. English, c 1890s.