January 1, 2019

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


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Happy New Year


The New Year is here and it is almost time to go back to work.


In this final day of the holidays, look what I found.

Happy New Year!


To ring in the New Year, here are three hem measures that I found quite by accident. The first one is a good price and a nice hem measure, the second and the third are bargains!


I hope three of you will love them and put them to work in your ususal stitching supplies.



Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year.


Tomorrow morning: one last treasure. I found a bargain, a real bargain, a beautiful hem measure for about 1/2 to 1/3 the price that it goes for, on the rare occasions that it is for sale. Somebody will be very lucky indeed! Watch for its listing tomorrow morning.


And yes, I went shopping right along with you. I will post a photo of my little treasure.