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First Wedding Hearts





Both Returning

My First Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Hearts

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Both Hearts, complete kits

(Instructions, threads, beads/pearls and congress cloth)

$128.00 including shipping

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Sold May 17 afternoon.

My Original Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Hearts. I found a small supply of the original Marlitt

Description of My First Tuxedo Heart


Tuxedo Heart is also stitched on a white 8" square of congress cloth. Please note, the outlines for the two hearts are the same and they can be assembled back to back if you so wish.


The kit includes three colors of Soie d'Alger silk, two flosses, one pearl cotton and one Kreinik braid, plus red and green silk ribbon. The kit also includes 5 little round pearls for buttons down the shirt placket.


 At its widest and longest points, the heart is approximately 4.5".


The instructions are 16 pages long plus a title page and a color copy of the finished heart.


The instructions booklet does not include instructions for assembling the heart (I leave that job to a professional finisher).

Description of My First Wedding Dress Heart


Stitched on a white 8" square of congress cloth, Wedding Dress Heart 2 has a lacy pulled thread collar and sleeves. The heart is stitched in white pearl cotton, silk to create the shadow of white and a hint of silver Kreinik braid, along with flesh-colored floss. At its widest and longest points, the heart is approximately 4.5".


The pearl and 'diamond' necklace is comprised of round and almost round pearls plus round and marquise vintage 'diamond' montees (glass set in metal). The necklace 'chain' is made of small oval pearls and two sizes of silver seed beads.


The instructions are 20 pages long plus a title page and a color copy of the finished heart.


The pattern does not include assembling instructions.

The kit does not include twisted cords or silk backing.


Why is this pair more expensive than the other pair?


Because of the strands of pearls on the Wedding Dress Heart. When I first made this pair, I used real little pearls but they were different back then. In the ensuing years, the pearls are very very much nicer now, but also much much more expensive.


Even as little as 3-4 years ago strands of tiny pearls were somewhat reasonable. Now they are much scarcer and much much more expensive.


Several people have urged me to use fake pearls instead of real ones, but far more of you have said you love the real pearls.



Idea to Personalize the Hearts


I don't finish my own hearts. I am not a great seamstress so I send my hearts to a professional finisher. She backs the hearts with silk.


Instead of silk, stitch the outline on a piece of congress cloth and personalize the heart with  the bride and groom's names, with the wedding date and with love from you.



Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread $12.00 including shipping.


I thought it necessary  offer needles I know will work with the pearls I use so often, so I have made a folder with Queendom Website's Logo on the cover. It has two each #10. #12 and #15 beading needles in felt and a spool each of Nymo thread '0' and '00' included.


$12.50 includes shipping.