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Thread Lesson #8

My Choices, My Favorites

This is far from a complete list of threads suitable for needlepoint but it includes my favorites, the tried and true.


There are so many threads these days, so many possibilities, and it is a good thing to keep trying new threads, but I find I fall back on old favorites which I use over and over again.

Here is an annotated list of my favorites.


Soie d'Alger

I've tried most of the silks on the market and this is my perennial favorite. I would have to say it is my favorite thread.

Why? It's a combination of the colors, the weight and the hard-to-describe way it goes in my needle and glides into place. I can't say enough good things about it.

The only downside of it: it can be difficult to get.


Pearl Cotton

Pearl Cotton serves a much-needed purpose in my life: it is the thread I go to for all cutwork and a lot of pulled thread patterns which I like to interweave with traditional needlepoint patterns.

My life would be very difficult without pearl cotton so I wince every time someone maligns it.


Cotton Floss

An old thread, tried and true, not a substitute for stranded silk, it has a purpose of its own. For me that purpose is currently for faces and hair.


Kreinik Braid and Ribbons

Metallic threads in an array of sizes and a great color range. I can't remember the last time I stitched a project that had no Kreinik braid. Wait, maybe a little traditional sampler, but that's the only project I can think of. Very versatile, very easy to use.


Caron Collection Watercolors

One of several of Carol overdyed threads, this is the original overdyed thread I first tried 25 years ago. It has been around for a long time and still holds its own very well. Great colors.



When Medici left, I started using Impressions which is a wool/silk. It's a delightful thread to use with beautiful colors matching Soie Crystale.


Soie Crystal

Beautiful colors and the colors match Impressions. The thread is not as soft as Soie d'Alger.


Bella Lusso

 I do quite a bit of gardening with a needle and I find it difficult to garden without a wool. Ever since Medici disappeared, I've struggled to find a wool. Then I came across Bella Lusso.

The color range isn't wide, but there are some very satisfying greens for my greenery.


Thread Gatherer Overdyed Silk and Ribbon

I've used Thread Gatherer Silk and Ribbon for almost as long as I can remember.

Beautiful subtle colors and a nice base 12-ply silk. The base has changed in recent years and is a much better even and robust thread.


Gloriana Silk and Ribbon

Some of the prettiest colors in needlework and readily available which is very nice.


Planet Earth and Pepper Pot

These are relatively new threads to me. I like both the heavier weight (Pepper Pot) for use on 18-mesh canvas and the lighter stranded silk (Planet Earth). Planet Earth has an unusual twist to it that is very attractive.


My World of Needlework


New Lessons


In 2015 I wrote a series of lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advancing needlework student.


I always intended to add to them but the year had a way of getting away from me, and here I am, a year later.


I'll do the best to add to my lessons as 2016 progresses.


If you have any topic you wish I would write about, please email me and I will see what I can do:


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Soie d'Alger

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