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Three pretty Honiton collars and one half-collar. These collars vary in complexity and make a good study lesson for technique.


Honiton lace is a bobbin lace from  Devon and the only bobbin lace I have collected over the years.


On the open market, many dealers confuse Honiton with Brussels bobbin lace. The two are indeed similar, but Honiton has distinct rounded shapes whereas Brussels lace is more angular.


You will see the rounded shapes of Honiton particularly well in these collars.

#3 -1

#3-1 detail

#3-1 A very pretty

Honiton lace collar with

leaves of various sizes, abstract roses and shamrocks.

In good condition.


26" wide at widest point x 5" at deepest point.


$ 83.00 includes shipping.



Honiton Lace for Sale


Only one of each

If you would like to buy one  please email me.


Be sure to specify the number in the subject title and in the email.


For Example: Honiton 3-2


I will take requests in the order I receive them and will contact you as soon as I can.


(It probably will take me Saturday afternoon and perhaps Sunday to process the requests).


Honiton lace goes way back to the 17th century, but it reached the height of its popularity after Queen Victoria's wedding.


It stayed popular throughout Queen Victoria's reign and these pieces are all 19th century, made during Queen Victoria's life time.


Most pieces are in great condition considering their age; some have breaks and tears here and there, most not disfiguring. I look at it this way: if I were over 120 years old, I'd have some breaks and tears too.


On this page All Sold

#3 -2

#3- 2 detail

#3-2 A very pretty Honiton lace collar with a profusion of roses and leaves with a nice pattern around the neck.

In good condition.


26" wide at widest point x 4" at deepest point.


$ 86.00 includes shipping.




#3 -3

#3- 3 detail

#3-3 A nice Honiton Collar with abstract flowers and nice fillings

In good condition.


$ 34.50 includes shipping.




#3 -4

#3- 4 detail

#3-4 A pretty pattern on this half a collar with  roses and leaves.

Condition is good.


13" wide at widest point x 4" at deepest point.


$ 26.50 includes shipping.