Lavender Star, Three Designs

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Lavender Star History


I remember stitching these designs, what I don't remember is when. I think it was 7 or 8 years ago.


I don't even know if Lavendula (the purple canvas) is still available, but I don't think that is overly important.


Lavender Star is meant to be one of those designs where the stitcher chooses her threads and colors -- and also the shape.


I used Vineyard silk, pearl cotton #8, Kreinik braid and a white or light silk ribbon.


The pattern includes an ornament

 (3" x 3" on 8" x 8" canvas)

a Box top, (6" x 6" on 10" x 10" canvas)

and the star itself (13" x 13" canvas).


Stitch in whatever colors you wish, on whatever color canvas. The theme is to experiment. And guess what: the colors are simple choices and I don't think you can go wrong by using threads in your stash. Most of us have collections of threads in colors we love; choose some and start.


This is a perfect project for experimenting with a little creativity of your own.


Long ago I intended to make a Galaxy Series. I made two and then stopped (the other one is Midnight Star which you can see in Group Projects).



Lavender Star

Instructions only for all three parts.

(no threads, no canvas)

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Lavender Star


Lavender Star is a three part project (a star, a square geometric and an ornament, all in one set of instructions.


Lavender Star need not be Lavender; scroll down and see some of the possibilities.


The pattern is meant for you to muster up some courage and choose your own colors and your own options.


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