Looking Ahead to 2019

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


 Queendom Website 2019


This Past Year

This past summer was full of sales and E-Week this October was bigger than I originally envisioned it.


Part of the reason I had so many sales this year: I condensed my original plans for 2018 and 2019 into one year.


Why? Because MacSoph and I have to move Queendom Website and I'm anticipating it will take us a long time.



Sales in 2019

October 2019 will probably be my only traditional sale in 2019.


But I may have a spontaneous sale now and again, of a single pattern or single kit I find now and again, as time permits.

For example, I may have a single kit of Elizabeth I's crown, I may post it and sell it. A single item, a single sale.


How often? As time permits.



You Have So Many Kits of Mine!

I sold so many things this year, and in the past years, and now you will have time out to catch up on your stash.


I would love to see you make progress on all four queens.

And Echoes.

And Deco Lady.

And a myriad of other designs I know you have stashed in your closets.



Bottom Line: What Will We Do in 2019?

We will stitch together

I will ressurect 12 Stitches a Day

and all sorts of things I can think of to keep you going forward.


MacSoph and I will have to work every morning on Queendom Website,

but I also want to (NEED to) stitch and I plan on doing lots of it.


What do I plan to stitch?

I have a long long list.

Big, small and inbetween.



Thank you for coming to E-Week this year, and for coming to my sales all spring and summer long.


Now you will have a break from my sales and hopefully a lot of Time to Stitch!





Breaking News

About completing your series of Queens










Starting TODAY, I will take an interest sheet for Elizabeth, Catherine, Eleanor and Victoria.

This is for those of you who missed a queen and wish to complete the series.


No deposit, just an interest list,


but here is one interesting part:


Because I am not sure how many kits I will ultimately be able to make, I will offer you the opportunity to shop for a queen according to the order of your name on my list:


For example:

#1, for sure you will shop.

#2 Good position also.

#3 Good

#4 Good, and so forth.


#18 Maybe not so good, depending on the choices of the names in front of you.


The sooner you sign up, the more optimum your chance.


There is no obligation on your part, and I am not sure when I will be able to make them,

but I WILL make them.

I think I owe it to people to give them the chance to fill in their series.



You can still email me with requests for queens.