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The Twelve Days before Christmas: Nine Tapes  a Measuring


Occupying a ton of time this year, DH and I catalogued the parts of my collection of needlework tools between 1840 and 1914, and on December 7 we gave the catalogue and tools to a small collections library.


I kept a copy of this year's catalogue and decided to borrow from our photos and descriptions tools for

12 Days before Christmas.

Scroll down for photos and descriptions of nine tape measures.

On left, from left:

Art Nouveau silver tape measure of a woman's face surrounded by flowing foliage, made by Unger Bros of Newark, N.J. American, c 1910.


Engraving of a woman sewing portrayed on both sides of the tape measure with the saying, 'A stitch in time saves nine'. American, 1910.

Happy Holidays 2018


This Holiday Season on Queendom Website: The Twelve Days before Christmas told in Antique Needlework Tools.

Here are 9 Tape Measures.

Above, from left:

Copper and brass coffee mill. Turning the handle at the top controls the tape at the side. German,  c 1890.

Iron with a green and brass handle. Turning device on the side controls the white tape measure at the side.

German, c 1890.

Clock of brass and metal with handle and a tape at the end. The hands of the clock move when the tape is pulled out. German, c 1900-1910.

Copper saucepan with a tape controlled by the knob on the lid of the pot. Long black wood handle. German, c 1910.



Above, from left:

Celluloid basket with a pincushion on top and a tape measure on the side. English, c 1900.

Celluloid upright piano with gilt metal appliques to accent the form. A turning device at the back controls the tape at the bottom right. Austrian, 1890s.

Celluloid head of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, with an eye glass which pulls out. English, 1938.