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Tomorrow: my sampler that helped launch a chatroom.


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My Anniversary Sale Has Ended


I am leaving the details of the sale in place so that you have the information so those of you who are expecting Purses will be able to check the contents.


Echoes people: you will hear from me on Saturday.



In 2009 I read a trashy novel and learned about Birkin Bags. At the top end, they cost $250,000 for a rare croc bag.


Although I never owned a real Birkin Bag, Queendom Website was filled with them!


I thought to myself: who would pay $250.000 for a handbag! I found out: the Kardashians have closets full of them.


That did it. Queendom Website was finished with Birkin bags and I went shopping for a new luxurious little handbag the right size for my Avatar.


I found it! A tiny silver and Tiffany blue handbag charm, and for Queendom Website's 10th Anniversary, I stitched a little handbag mimicing my Avatar's, and then I dressed it in Tiffany Charms.


To see what is inside and to read all about it, click on the phono.

Echoes of Elizabeth (the original) and Echoes II: Tudor Rose Sampler


I closed the sale of Echoes after the first day, then guardedly opened it up again



Here Are The Terms

You have to agree with them all


• Make a deposit of $50.00 by using Pay Pal or sending me a check.

Once you've made your deposit, you can't change your mind because the deposit  is non-refundable.

EXCEPT: if I can't complete the kits, of course I will refund your money.


• Be patient: I will try to finish the kits by October and have them in the mail to you then, but it may take me a bit longer.




Anniversary Sale is over.

I will leave the sale in place so that you can check your packages as they arrive.

May 2018  Happy bragging rights indeed!

 Val and Sue and Melinda just brought Echoes II back to me. I had entered it in the Shoreline Stitchers Show mostly to support my buddies, and look what happened: I won Best of Show! Wonders never cease.