Happy  Anniversary!


A Bit of Luxury!

Here is a purse sewing case modeled after my avatar's little Tiffany purse-charm.


Closed, the purse is about 4" wide about 4 1/2" tall (to the top of the handle). Open, the case is about 9" wide.


Happy Anniversary Queendom Website

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

Above: the front of the Purse; notice the little purse jewelry, a beaded chain set up to hold a tiny 'Return to Tiffany' Blue Enamel Heart* to match my little Purse Charm's Heart.


.*Tiffany Heart available only from Tiffany&Co (scroll down for more charm information).

Anniversary Purse Sewing Case


I Want It All! Anniversary Purse Kit: Instructions, all threads, congress cloth, Commemorative Needle Book, scissors and two Charm Bracelets (does not include Tiffany Charms or Annette's bag).


$198.00 includes shipping.


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Complete Kit but No Scissors,

No Charm Bracelets.

This option includes instructions, all threads and congress cloth and Commemorative Needle Book as long as my supply lasts.


$146.00 includes shipping.




Instructions Only

(no threads, no congress cloth, no Commemorative Needle Book, no Charm Bracelets).


$58.00 includes shipping.




From Annette, a Tiffany-shaped pouch to hold the purse.

$22.00 includes shipping.

Email Annette to order the pouch.




To pay by personal check, email me: GayAnnRogers@me.com


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Above:  the back of the purse which is almost the same as the front, handles and all.

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Paying on the Drip

Anniversary Sale is over.

I will leave the sale in place so that you can check your packages as they arrive.

Above is a photo of the open purse, with its pocket for a tiny commemorative paper needle book on the left and the scissors and scissors jewelry on the right. Soie d'Alger had a perfect color Tiffany blue which rumor says they made to match the actual Tiffany color at one point; The other threads are white silk, two colors of silver Kreinik braid and trusty white pearl cotton on white congress cloth.


Outside U.S. customers must have a U.S. Address.

My Big Engineering Challenge


 The little purse was my greatest engineering feat to date -- I stitched it from a multitude of drawings with a whiff and a prayer that it would work and I was delighted when it all fit together.


The instructions booklet includes step by step instructions for both stitching and assembling the little purse.


Pat C. proofed the purse for me and she said I should reassure you:

If you follow the instructions, it DOES work!

Below is  a photo of the 'I Want It All' option for the Anniversary Purse Sewing Case

 Description of My Anniversary Purse Sewing Case Kit


The instructions are 50 pages long, plus a title page and three oversize graphs. They include step-by-step  instructions for assembling the purse. It isn't difficult, just takes a bit of faith.


The kit includes three colors of Soie d'Alger, 7 spools of Kreinik braid, a ball of pearl cotton #12 and three pieces of white congress each 8" wide x 13" tall.


For the contents of the 'I Want It All' option scroll down.

Scroll farther down to see other options as well, such as Annette's Bag and an array of Tiffany Charms for which the purse was designed.


As I said, a bit of luxury is possible.

What the 'I Want It All' Option Includes:


• Three colors of Soie d'Alger including the special one that matches Tiffany Blue.


• 7 spools of Kreinik braid in two silvers.


• Ball of pearl cotton white.


• Three pieces of white congress cloth each 8" x 13".


• Small Scissors with heart-shaped rings (holes).


• Commemorative Paper Needle Folder with a #24 and a #26 tapestry needle and a #9 embroidery needle.


• Two Charm Bracelets (one for the purse and one for the scissors.


• Two 'Placeholder' heart charms and split rings so that you can use the Bracelets.


• Charm Bracelets and Placeholder charms and split rings are packed in an authentic Tiffany pouch for as long as my supply lasts (please note Tiffany didn't make the Charm Bracelets, I did; nor did they make the placeholder hearts and split rings).


Not shown: The Instructions Booklet and Color Copy.

The instructions booklet is 50 pages long plus title page and color copy of the finished purse.


Important Note: the 'I Want It All' option does not include Tiffany charms or Clasping Links or Annette's pouch.





Below is more about  the accessories to go with the Anniversary Purse Sewing Case


Annette made pouches just like Tiffany pouches only larger so that they would hold the purse.


Jay made tiny commemorative needle books for the Needles Pocket (see front, inside and back of the little needle book below.


I made the little jewelry chains in pearls and seed beads and tiny turquoise Czech beads that matched the Tiffany blue perfectly! I think of them as Tiffany-style charm bracelets for the purse and scissors.


Annette's pouch modeled after a Tiffany bag only larger so that it can hold the supplies while you are stitching the purse, then afterwards the purse itself. Please note: in this photograph the purse is inside the pouch.

More about the Various Accessories for my Anniversary Purse




Your purse kits do not come with Tiffany charms and Clasping Links.

You have to order those from Tiffany.


My scissors and purse bracelets each come with what I will call 'placeholder' split rings and heart charms.

Placeholder Charms and Split Rings vs. Tiffany Hearts and Jump Rings


On the left are my Charm Bracelets for the Purse and Scissors. They are jewelry made of pearls, silver seed beads and Tiffany blue Czech beads to hold Tiffany Charms.


The option for 'I Want It All' includes one of each style Charm Bracelet and 2 placeholder split rings and heart charms

(see 'A' on the left).


Charm Bracelet 'B' shows the genius Tiffany Clasping Link jump ring holding a tiny 'Return to Tiffany silver heart.







Comparing Links and Hearts on the Bracelets Above.

Here is a photo which shows my Charm Bracelets partially assembled. I say partially because they aren't on the purse or on the scissors. You can see Tiffany hearts and Clasping Links on the scissors on the far left.


On Bracelet A  above: here are the placeholder split ring and a little filigree heart included with the 'I Want It All' option. DH and I both think the split rings and little filigree hearts look amazingly good, but I confess, it is awkward to adjust the split ring. I am guessing once in place you would not want to change the charm with any regularity.


On Bracelet B: the genius Tiffany Clasping Link, a jump ring that opens and closes, so that you can add or remove charms as you wish. No struggle, just takes 5 seconds to do.

Definitely a Bit of Luxury: Here are Some Charms from Tiffany&Co

Below is a series of Tiffany charms, each beautifully made and perfect for a big splurge! Any would work perfectly for your purse and scissors bracelets, in fact I designed the purse and bracelets for them.  Remember, my notion was a bit of luxury for Queendom Website as I replaced the preposterously expensive Birkin Bags.

Budget Conscious?

Are you shaking your head and saying that's nuts?


If you buy the 'I Want It All' Option with the Purse and Scissors Charm Bracelets, please note that the kit includes what I will call a 'placeholder' 8mm split ring and heart charm for each bracelet.


They will allow you to use the bracelets and you can make up your mind about charms later.


There are lots of options! The internet is full of silver and spleltor (base metal) heart charms and links.

You can have a very good time by googling 'Heart Charms' or 'Silver Heart Charms' almost endlessly.





My Helpful Friend

Amy Gersh is my friend who works at Tiffany. She is the sweetest person and  she would be happy to help you select charms and jump rings for your Anniversary Purse.


Her email is


Tell her you are interested in charms for Gay Ann's purse.


Please know: I have no financial interest in Tiffany Charms, much as I might wish I did.


Charms and Clasping Links that Amy sends to you will be packed in a pouch and a box, in other words all the trappings.



Tiffany charms aren't a budget-conscious item, I fear.

Within the noteworthy confines of this, here are my most budget-worthy suggestions:


For purse jewelry,  the little 'Return to Tiffany' heart on the left is $75.00.

For scissors jewelry, the larger heart is $100.00.

Along with the hearts, you will need two Tiffany clasps which are $20.00 each.


These are only a few of Tiffany's charms. If you would like to see all they sell right now, go to www.Tiffany.com

Pull down the 'jewelry' menu and click on Charms.