The Young Catherine

Gay Ann Rogers, Needlework


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Catherine is sold out.

Photo by Arlene and Mike Sheras

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The Young Catherine


Here is my portrait of Catherine the Great.


In my portrait, Catherine is still very young but I borrowed the timeless native Russian dress from a painting of Catherine in her later years.


For my part, this was the toughest design I've tackled in many years, but according to Carol my proof stitcher, she isn't  any more difficult to stitch than Elizabeth.

Why I Chose to Stitch a Portrait of Catherine the Great


After I finished my portrait of Elizabeth 1, people started asking me if I would please do another portrait. They sent me many suggestions for portraits, among the suggestions, the most frequent, Henry VIII.


I said no, no Henry VIII.


As requests kept escalating, I asked DH why he thought my portrait of Elizabeth was so popular a design for me; he said simply, power and opulence.


So I asked DH who else was opulent and powerful?  And he suggested Catherine the Great. There are so many parallels between Elizabeth and Catherine and those parallels make an interesting pairing of two powerful women separated by two centuries.


It didn't take me long to settle on Catherine the Great.


What Do I Suggest You Do with These Portraits Once You've Stitched Them


I saw an interesting question not long ago: what do you do with the needlework you finish? Where would it go in your house?


What I've envisioned for my portraits is framing them and hanging them in a library, as if they were old-fashioned portraits.


We don't have a formal library, but we do have bookcases throughout our house and the portraits look super hanging in front of the books. They give the books an old world appearance which goes well even in the most contemporary of houses.