Christmas 2018

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


Logo of scissors, needle, thread, thimble, crown

Note: I have no financial interest in any of the needlework tools on eBay. They are just things I found and like and they're similar to some of my posts in 'Twelve Days before Christmas



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December 13 2018  Twelve Hooks Hooking

December 12 2018  Preview: my very first antique needlework tools

December 14,  2018  Eleven Cushions Pinning

December 15,  2018  Ten Bobkins Threading.

December 16,  2018  Nine Tapes Measuring

December 17,  2018  Eight Stilettos a Laying

December 18,  2018  Guards a Guarding

December 19,  2018 Six Darners a Mending

December 20,  2018  Five Tracing Wheels

December 21,  2018  Four Hemming Birds

December 22,  2018  Four Hemming Birds

December 24,  2018  Two Tatting Shuttles

December 24,  2018  For Christmas: the Magic of the Season