Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

Traveling to Meet the Last Queen


Logo of scissors, needle, thread, thimble, crown

Over land and sea,

where are we?


As soon is seen

We'll meet a Queen.

I am leaving on a jet plane

Don't know when I will be home again

Going to meet a queen

Will she be a teen?

My Birkin is packed

I am wearing my fascinator hat

There is nothing I lack

Will there be a limousine?

For me and the Queen

I will be in blue velveteen

Will she see me?

Wearing my Hermes scarf with a gold bee.

Does the queen have a pet?

Mine will be on the jet.


Lady Margaret


Thank you, Margaret Foster,

for your poem!

Into the Night and Early Morning, August 9-10


In a few hours, we will meet the Last Queen.

To keep you company as you listen to Christopher Robin and Alice and drink your cuppa, here are some Fun Factoids about my own journey.


• To make the kits for the Last Queen,

I cut and stapled labels on almost 10,000 strands of silk and floss.


•And I put almost 28,000 beads in tiny baggies.


• The greatest challenge was the Last Queen's face.

I had to make my queen resemble the real queen and I had to make her very pretty, all in 32 stitches across. Not a lot of room.


• As you look at my queens, notice that the first three all face to the right. The Last Queen completes the series by facing to the left.



For those of you interested, Gary Parr and Christine Williams have invited me to talk for an hour about the Last Queen. I will be on their program  on Sunday, August 12. On Sunday morning, this link will work.


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Sweet Dreams!

See you tomorrow.