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'Corrections' is one of my most important pages. On it you will find corrections that people send to me for my patterns.


If you are stitching along and you have a question or wonder about the accuracy of a pattern, please consult 'Corrections' for any information posted here.


If you find a mistake in a pattern and you send it to me, I will post it here for everybody to see, with a big thank you for your help.




Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

The Flowers of Spring

Correction Feb. 26 2014


From Julie H.

I did also find one very minor error in the instructions-- on page 87 the tied cross stitch should read up at A, down at B, etc. instead of up at 1, down at 2.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Corrections May,  2017


From Carol C.

On Oversize Graph C, the placement of the top arrow is not correct. Cross out or whiteout the top arrow.


The bottom arrow is correct so draw your highlighted line from the bottom to the top.


From Ellen D.

.Began reading your Color Appendix instructions and thought this might be an error....

Under (3)..."Soie d'Alger #4914 med dark blue" is listed

Then, instructions begin "With #4912 medium dark blue:..."  Shouldn't this be #4914?

Ed. Yes, sorry.


Eleanor of Aquitaine

Corrections March,  2018


I started highlighting the center channels on my project this morning and have run into a problem.  On Chart C the horizontal channel is fine.  However, when I went to mark the vertical channel I found that the top arrow is one square to the left of the bottom arrow.  I’ve checked and rechecked it and the arrows just don’t line up.  Is this an error in printing?  I’ve counted the actual graph squares across and it looks like the top arrow is the correct one. Is it?  I don’t want to start off with an error.




Ed: I don't know the answer to this one but it should be fairly easy to figure out. Here's how to do it: check the rest of the oversize graphs and if there is a consistency, change the offending arrow. Actually I should note: you can stitch the whole design without the arrows. Granted it is a bit more difficult, but it is do-able. You just have to think a bit. I know, painful.


Later in the day: Ruth-Anne wrote that she decided the upper (top) arrow was the accurate one and she would use it to stitch by.



Cameo Blue Needle Book

Correction January 10, 2017


Three Corrections:

On page 16: The numbers of the corner beads on the back of the needle book should be

4, not 2

5, not 4

6, not 5.


On page 18, Step 6 A (4)

White pearl cotton not 100/3 silk


On page 19, Left column, second line from bottom:

'Step 6 D Twisted Cord on Back of Needle Book

Repeat Step 6 C (1) and (2) on back of the Needle Book'


Downton Abbey Designs

Correction January 12, 2016


The ground fabric is 18-mesh canvas, not congress cloth.

Heart of Elizabeth


On page 16 the last sentence should read:

Work 5 more rows for a total of 6 rows as illustrated

on the graph below.


(Not Work 3 more rows for a total of 4 rows).


Additional corrections from Carol GC


Last paragraph on p. 10 - you actually need 3 more rows, for a total of 4 rows.


Next to last line on p. 22 - reference should be to steps 1-4 on page 21.


Step 6 on p. 24 -- you actually finished Heart of Elizabeth, not Small Pink Roses and Pearls Heart

Periwinkle Trefoil Heart


For those of you who have Trefoil Heart instructions, here’s a correction that Lee C. found a couple of days ago.


Click on the button below to download the PDF.

Click here for PDF for Periwinkle Trefoil Heart Correction

Catherine's Sewing Case, Purple Colors

Correction: November 12, 2016


In the instructions I list Soie d'Alger #1341 as a color you need. It's not in your kit so please cross it off your supplies list.


Here's what I did:


When I kitted the design, I didn't like 1341 with 3333, so I changed my mind and eliminated it.


Rather than give you 3 strands of 1341 purple and 4 strands of 1342, I gave you 7 strands of 1342.


Whenever the instructions call for 4113 or 4114 (the original colors) use 1342.


I always start out thinking that alternative colors will translate directly from the original colors, but it doesn't always work that way.

This is one of those cases.



Inspired by Elizabeth Geometric

Correction November 12, 2016


For those of you using the purples, you need only 2 spools of Bijoux (the instructions say you need 3).


Originally I listed 3 but my proofer told me 2 was all it took. I changed the 'original colors' list but forgot to change the purples.



Acorn Sampler

Note about canvas


Nov 27, 2012, Teresa Bartman wrote:


Dear GayAnn:


Received Acorn Sampler and my needles are twitching.  However, I had to chuckle as I was "reading" the pattern.


On the supply list, I discovered an insignifiant item was left off -- the ground size and count.  I checked your corrections page and it was not listed.


That omission is so funny.  I'm thinking trees and remembering my career as a secretary.



Green Bay, WI

with snow on the ground and 28 degrees


Hi Teresa,


I know the answer to this: I used to give the canvas with the instructions back in the days when I taught it.


Are there any stretcher bar sizes?

There should be. If so, that's the size of the ground. Ground fabric is congress cloth, although if I were to do the project today I would do it on 25 count Legacy linen.