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The instructions for Drawn Thread Sampler include both the larger sampler (on 11" x 20" stretcher bars) and the smaller 'Doodle' Sampler. I stitched the large sampler on white congress cloth with ecru pearl cotton. I stitched the doodle canvas on ecru linen with ecru pearl cotton. Over the years I have seen it stitches in all sorts of pale colors on white or ecru and on a soft colored ground. It doesn't work well if there is much contrast between the pearl cotton and the ground.

I traveled and taught at EGA, ANG and Callaway Gardens for about 25 years. In that time, this was the most difficult sampler I ever taught and the only one I billed as 'Advanced'. It takes a long time to set up (for the class, the pre-class work was 50 hours), then there is endless cutting threads, then the fun begins.

If you have been hanging out with a needle for a while, you will now that the difficulty in needlework isn't how to do a technique, you can learn most of them with a bit of perseverance. What is difficult in needlework is learning to do the technique with great tension, and that's the difficulty with this sampler: all of it needs to be even, and there isn't much of a way to measure it, you have to eyeball the spacing and you need control over your hands.

Fun to try? Of course! It is a big challenge!

Pearl Cotton

These days stitchers often look down on pearl cotton; they think it is a thread only for beginners, soon to be discarded in favor of 'more advanced' silks and metallic threads.

Not so in my life. If you open a kit of mine and see a lot of pearl cotton, it means there are some difficult techniques ahead.

Drawn Thread Sampler is the most technically difficult project I ever taught, yet its supplies are so basic:

Any ground fabric (I used congress cloth for the larger sampler, a 28-count linen for the Doodle sampler) and

10 balls of pearl cotton (5 of #12 pearl cotton and 5 of #8 pearl cotton).

Story Time

I can't resist telling this story. I taught it for the first time at EGA's Williamsburg Seminar way back when. There was a young woman in my class. She had come to the seminar with her step mother whom she adored. Her parents had divorced and each remarried. One of the first things she told me was, she didn't like either of her own parents, but she absolutely adored their spouses. As I said, she came to seminar with her stepmother. She loved her stepfather so much she named her son after him.

She came with all 50 hours of preclass work completed. Midway through the seminar, her stepmother was ill and she had to take her to the hospital (happily it was minor and stepmom was fine); I'm here to tell you, that if her stepmother hadn't gotten ill, therefore costing her some stitching time,  that young woman would have finished this sampler in the four days of class!

Now speed in needlework isn't all that wonderful, but once in a while someone comes along who can stitch fast and beautifully well. Such was this young woman. How amazing is that!

Supplies for Drawn Thread Sampler available from Kate Gaunt (KateGaunt@aol.com)

Kate has the following Drawn Thread Sampler supplies available:

Ground Fabric:  Congress cloth -- choice of white or soft ivory -- you receive two pieces of Congress cloth:

     cut size:  14" x 25"  -- main sampler

     cut size:  11" x 20"  -- doodle sampler or use for practicing bands of main sampler

5 balls each #8 and #12 pearl cotton – choice of white, ecru, or 928 pale blue-green.  Gay Ann used ecru.  Total of 10 balls provides sufficient thread for the main sampler and the doodle sampler.  

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