Echoes Sewing Case

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Echoes Sewing Case

Complete Kit: Instructions, Beads, Threads and congress cloth.

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History of Echoes Sewing Case

A short time after I stitched the original Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler I stitched Echoes Sewing Case. My plan was to teach it at Shining Needle Society.

Shining Needle Society was new then and Echoes Sewing Case was my first online teaching experience.

In that class I discovered online classes had one great advantage: Time. Instead of meeting in person for two or three or four days and then the class was over, an online class could go on and on. Such encouragement for people to finish the project, and there were a lot of finished Echoes Sewing Cases.

Hard to believe that was over a decade ago. When I was putting together Echoes II kits, I was feeling a bit of nostalgia and so I put together some Echoes Sewing Cases too.

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Description of Echoes Sewing Case

The design for Echoes Sewing Case is an adaptation of the original Echoes of Elizabeth Sampler, with its ecru and also blue-green and charcoal bands and of course the blackwork motifs and all the beads. On the insides of the case are pockets for a needle packet and scissors.

The case is approximately 3.5” wide, 5.5” tall.  Open, the case is 7.5” across, on three  pieces of white congress cloth, 10 x 12”, 10” x 12” and 8”x 8”.

The beads for Echoes Sewing Case are pearls, bugle beads and seed beads, together with decorative tear drop beads and Swarovski crystals.

The threads includ Soie d'Alger, Thread Gatherer overdyed silk, Impressions, Kreinik braid and pearl cotton.

The instructions booklet is 51 pages long. plus an Oversize Graph, a title page and a color copy of front, back and insides of the sewing case. The instuctions includes complete finishing instructions (very simple).

Below: Kit Contents for Echoes Sewing Case

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Paper Needle Folder with Beading Needles and Thread

$14.50 including shipping.

Above: the front of the sewing case.

On right: the insides showing pockets for a needle packet and scissors.

Below: the back of the sewing case.

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