The Flowers of Spring Sampler

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

The Flowers of Spring

Complete Kit: Instructions, threads and congress cloth.

$228.00 includes shipping.

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The History of The Flowers of Spring Sampler

The Flowers of Spring Sampler was one of the last designs  I taught at seminars and it was one of my most satisfying. From the day I first picked up my needle, I loved the colors of this sampler and its parts just fell into place for me.

The Flowers of Spring continued what was then part of a new venture for me and one I had hoped to continue: incorporating miniature scenes into spot samplers.

I enjoyed the concept enough that I designed the other seasons in a similar fashion and would like to find time to stitch them so that ultimately I have four of them. I have the drawings; I just seem to be chronically short of time. The world's that way, so for now there's just the sampler for my favorite season.

I last sold it 6 years ago at E-Week. I am bringing it back for Betty Nelson, it was her request. Betty has stitched everything large and difficult that I have sold in the last few years, everything: Echoes, all four Queens, Deco Lady, I can't remember what all else.

So Betty, here is The Flowers of Spring to keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, after all these years I have it in my mind finally to stitch the other three seasons. Finally.

Description, The Flowers of Spring

Some of the threads, notably the overdyed silks and ribbons are difficult to find, so I am kitting the design in full.

The sampler is a study in most of the techniques and motifs that I love to use: Buttonhole flowers, Bullion Knots,  Stem Stitch,  drawn thread patterns and squares of cutwork, along with several needlepoint composites, French Knots and Cross Stitch over 1 Mesh.

The threads include Soie d'Alger (a 7-ply silk), overdyed ribbons and silk, Accentuate, Kreinik braid, Impressions and pearl cotton .

The sampler is about 12 1/2" wide x 9.5" tall on white congress cloth 17" wide x 14" tall.

The sampler is a bit of a challenge and not a good choice for a beginner.

The instructions are 90 pages long including the title page. In addition there are 4 Oversize Graphs, an Oversize Drawing and a color copy of the finished sampler.

Outside U.S.

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Kit Supplies for The Flowers of Spring

If I had to choose a palette, it would probably be this one. I love them as threads together, I love what they end up like. Spring is my favorite season -- I always say it has to do with the days growing longer, but it also has to do with the colors.

What doesn't show well in the photo are the colors in the ribbons on the left side. It looks like a single ribbon; it's actually two, one called 'Wild Violets' is a combination of violet and green, the other is called 'Periwinkle'. Together they have to be two of the most beautiful overdyed ribbons in all of stitcherland.

As I spread them out for this photo, I thought all over again, I have to use them again! And yet again.

On another note: see the five balls of pearl cotton: as I have written before, most of the world thinks pearl cotton is a thread only for beginners. I'm the contrarian: when you see this much pearl cotton in one of my kits, it means there is some complex stitching ahead. This design is probably not the best choice for a beginner unless she is willing to stash it while she/he works on technique, namely tension and counting skills. Tension is the name of the needlework game.

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