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Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

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After I started looking for Guilloche brooches, I decided to make a Box Top/Small Geometric for my favorite white Betsy Box.

The design can be either a framed Geometric or a Box Top as shown on the left and below.

There are two centers included in the pattern: a decorative one shown below and the one on the left, with a Scotch Stitch center, a place to pin a little vintage Gulloche pin.

Choose either you prefer.

I made mine into a box to store my Guilooche Goodies. For the photo below, I arranged my enamel buttons inside.

Kit Contents for Both Box Top and Ornament

The Geometric Box Top is made to fit comfortably in the opening of a white Betsy Box on a piece of congress cloth 9" x 9". The Box Top measures about 5" x 5"

The Bonus Ornament is 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" on congress cloth 8" x 8".

Use the Decorative All-stitched Center or a Scotch Stitch center to hold a Guilloche Brooch.

The kit includes 6 colors of Soie d'Alger, 2 spools of Kreinik braid, a ball of pearl cotton #8 and  2 pieces of congress cloth, one for the box top, one for the ornament.

The kit supplies are sufficient for both the box top and the Bonus Ornament.

The instructions are 25 pages long, plus a title page and color copies of both the Box Top and the Bonus Ornament.

Below: A Photo of the Kit Contents

A Peek Inside My Box (below)

Along with needlework tools I have added a few repurposed guilloche goodies:

Along the left side a series of guilloche brooches of the sort you might pin on the Box Top.

In the upper right corner are two very small pill boxes with guilloche tops repurposed to hold tiny beads.

If you look carefully, you will see examples of the guilloche montees I used on Guilloche Geometric.

Along the right side baby bib clips repurposed as perfect Bell Pull hardware for a small Bell Pull.

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Bonus Pattern for an Ornament

Supplies included. Use either center.

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