Antique Guilloche Bell Pull & Ornament

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Guilloche Bell Pull and Square Ornament

Notice the small Bell Pull below left is comprised of three squares, each with a different center. Two of these squares are small geometric designs, the third (in the center) is a tiny bouquet of flowers.

There is a fourth center included in the pattern, a plain Scotch Stitch as shown on the two ornaments and on the second Bell Pull. This center is designed to hold small Guilloche Brooches from the 1950's.

All of these centers are interchangeable, so that you can design Ornaments and Bell Pulls, as many as you wish. They are all quick to stitch and easy to finish and they are perfect for snippets of thread in your stash.  

Scroll down for more information about the little Guilloche Brooches.

For the Designer in You: Options and More Options

The Basic Bell Pull and Ornament pattern gives you the chance to play and experiment with different combinations.

As an example: above, a Christmas bell pull. I changed the colors to red and green and repeated the center of ribbon flowers three times to make a Christmas Bell Pull.

A reminder that four different centers come with the Bell Pull and Ornament Instructions and you can use them interchangeably.

Description of Guilloche Bell Pull and Ornament

Two booklets bundled: the Bell Pull and the Ornament.

The Bell pull is 2 3/4" wide x 6" long on congress cloth 7" x 10".

The ornament 2 3/4" square.

The square centers are interchangeable: you can change the position on the Bell Pull, you can use any of the centers on the Ornament.

Bell Pull 'hardware' and brooches are optional, on Saturday morning.

The instructions for the Bell Pull are 22 pages long including the finishing, plus a title page and a color copy of the Back and Front.

The instructions for the Ornament are 14 pages long and include the finishing, plus a title page and a color copy of the Back and Front.

NEW  Guilloche Bell Pull and Square Ornament

Both Bell Pull and Square Ornament Instructions

(no threads, no canvas)

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Notice a Few Brooches and Some Bell Pull Hardware?

Notice the ornaments above with little Guilloche Brooches pinned to them.

In the Surprise Windows on Saturday morning you will find three collections of Guilloche Brooches perfect for pinning to  the center of the Box Top, or to the Bell Pull or on the Ornaments.

So what about Bell Pull Hardware? You might wish to come to Saturday Morning Surprise Windows for it too.

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