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My Love Affair with Guilloche Enamel

Guilloche is a specific type of enamel decoration where an intricate and often repetitive pattern is engraved on a silver base and then a translucent enamel glaze is applied over it. Invented in the 17th century and used at first on exceptonal watch cases, guilloche has an illustrious history, reaching its height in the famous works of Fabergé.

The thimble that inspired the series is of unusual  quality made by an excellent German company and is my best example of guilloche.

The guilloche I have collected are usually blue, green or white often with tiny painted roses and /or rosebuds.

Over the years I have collected a range of guilloche objects associated with needlework; more recently I have branched out and collected a few trifles well adapted for needlework. They vary in qulaity of workmanship but all are charming in appearance.

NEW  Antique Guilloche Enamel Needlework Tools Sampler

Complete Kit plus booklet about the tools.

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Antique Guilloche Enamel Needlework Tools Sampler and the Tools that Inspired it.

I have wanted to stitch this sampler since I bought the beautiful thimble described in 'My Love Affair' and this past year I took the time to do it.

You will see on the sampler all my needlework tools that served as the inspiration for the project.

To accompany the sampler is the booklet below with a photo of all the guilloche tools and a description and identification of each one. My beautiful thimble, the inspiration for the sampler, is the one above the scissors. On the back of the booklet is a clear photo of the thimble. If you look carefully at the photo you will be able to see even the tiny gold dots.

Description of Antique Guilloche Enamel Tools Sampler

Guilloche Enamel Tools Sampler is approximately 11" wide x 8.5" tall and is on soft ivory (color) congress cloth.

The threads include:

13 different colors of Soie d'Alger,

7 spools of Kreinik braid

1 ball of pearl cotton.

The canvas is 15 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" tall. Why the extra 1/2" of canvas? So that you can turn under and hem the edges.

The stitches are varied traditional needlepoint stitches and patterns often on top of a Tent Stitch base, allowing for the delicacy of the stitches.

I have often taken photos of needlework tools on top of lace and whitework and this practice gave me the idea for scattering small white clusters of whitework-style flowers to serve as the background of the sampler.

The instructions are 45 pages long plus 6 Oversize Graphs, a title page and a color copy of the finished sampler.

Included with the kit is a booklet describing the original needlework tools I adapted for the sampler. The booklet has a color copy of the original tools keyed to to a description of each tool,  including date and place of origin.

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