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I wish to thank Karen M.  Drip was her idea long ago and she has helped me work it out over the years. I am very happy with the plan. Yes, it is a bit of extra work but it allows some people to have projects  like Eleanor, where they otherwise could not.


I've always wanted needlework to be about passion for your needle, not about the most money.


Please know that Drip is not like a regular finance program: I charge no interest and I charge no carrying fees.


The price for Eleanor is $337.00 total, whether you choose to pay for her at once or over a series of months.

My World of Needlework


My Finance Plan called 'Paying on the Drip'


Would you like help with Financing? Here's how to Pay on the Drip

If you are interested in my novel financing plan, here's how it works.


So You Would Like to Stitch Eleanor

Decide if you would like to pay for Eleanor over a series of months

and choose the number of months you would like. The maximum number of months is 10, but you may pay in four, five, six, whatever.


Figuring out your payment

Divide the payment of $337.00 by the number of months you would like to use.


The minumum payment is $33.70 for 10 months.


Post-dated Checks

As many of you know, I am a terrible bookkeeper, so I've devised a novel plan to make it easy for both of us:


I will ask you to send me a series of post-dated checks, one for each month of your payment.

I will file the checks away and cash one each month.


Here's an example:

Say that you would like to pay for Eleanor over 4 months. You would send me checks post-dated for May 1 2017, June 1 2017, July 1 2017, August 1 2017.


I will cash each of your checks within their appropriate months.


When Would I Mail Eleanor to You?

As soon as I receive your checks and cash your first check,  I will send Eleanor to you. You will have  as if her as if you had paid the full amount.


Request a Drip Invoice

If you would like to pay on the drip:

email me and I will send you an official 'Drip Invoice'.



To make Drip work, I need the help of all of you. PLEASE don't sign up for my Drip if you look ahead and question whether you can really afford to make the payments. Please save us all a lot of time and grief.




Please email me any questions:


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