My Elizabethan Designs

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My Elizabethan Designs

Here is a page of my Elizabethan


My portrait of Elizabeth 1

My miniature of Mary, Queen of Scots

My miniature of Bess of Hardwick

Echoes of Elizabeth

Heart of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Video

Be sure to scroll down for more photos and my Elizabeth video


May, 2016

Elizabeth will return in October 2016.

Mary and Bess will return in the summer.


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For Sale

in October 2016


For Sale

summer 2016


For Sale

summer 2016

Clockwise from left:

Bess of Hardwick, Elizabeth 1, Mary, Queen of Scots, Heart of Elizabeth and Echoes of Elizabeth.


Last sold in

October 2015


Sold Out

in February 2016

Video on Stitching Elizabeth


Here is a short video on making Elizabeth and a collection of the Elizabeths in progress at the time.


To play the video, click on the white triangle in the bottom left.


As you watch the video see if you are as surprised as I am at the variety of personalities the different Elizabeths take on.


Note: it may take a minute or two for the video to load. Watch the bar along the bottom and when it is gray, the video is loaded.