Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Mystery in a Corner

Available for Groups of 8 or more

Instructions, $28.00 per person, plus postage

My geometric mysteries all have choices along the way and so it is with Mystery in a Corner.

Part 1 is a set framework; Part 2 offers all sorts of options and the photos here show the variety of colors and design options that people have stitched.

Mystery in a Corner is on 13" x 13" 18-mesh canvas. The threads include Watercolors, Kreinik braid and pearl cotton in whatever colors the stitcher chooses. The instructions give the colors I used and then guidelines for choosing different colors.

Minimum order is 8 copies mailed to a single address. The instructions are $28.00 for each copy. Shipping is $13.00 for a flat rate box.

Betty Lou's

Jen K's

Joyce M's

Kathy W's

Gloria F's

Linda S's

Linda S's

Nancy W's

Peggy C's

Shay L's

Gisela V's

Marilyn P's

Susan D's


Laura P's

Thank you thank you to the stitchers who sent me photos of their very varied Mysteries in a Corner.

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