Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

MidNight Star

Midnight Star, a Geometric

Available for Groups of 8 or more

Instructions, $32.00 per person, plus postage


Midnight Star was new at E-Week 2012,  on 18 mesh blue canvas. What looks like white in the photograph is really silver Kreinik braid. When you see Midnight Star in person it sparkles from all the metallic braid.

The design looks intricate but it is easy to stitch. The patterns are fully graphed and repeat around the design. It stitches fairly quickly because of all the overstitchings and this makes it a great pattern for experimentation.

Midnight Star is 9 1/4" wide and long at its widest points on 18-mesh canvas 13" square.

The threads include Kreinik braid and ribbon and pearl cotton. The design is very shimmery from all the Kreinik braid. Stitches include a number of traditional needlepoint patterns and many many overstitchings to make the star shine.

The instructions booklet is 22 pages long plus a title page and 1 oversize graph.

Minimum order 8 instructions mailed to a single address. The instructions are $32.00 for each copy. Shipping is $13.00 for a flat rate box.

Midnight Star  above on midnight blue 18-mesh canvas.

On right: colors inverted on light blue canvas,

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