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Projects for Groups


The designs posted here are available for groups of 8 or more people.  Click on the little tabs or photos for details and larger photos.


Here are my guidelines:


• For a group of 8 or more people, patterns mailed once to a to a single address.


• A pattern for each person in the group.


• Hopefully a month's lead time.


• Please see schedule on the right for blackout dates (blackout dates are due to sales on my website).

Below are the designs available for Group Orders of 8 or more.

Click on any of the photos below for more information about the design.


New January 3, 2017 for Group Orders,

The Downton Abbey Collection.

Lady Edith Crawley

Lady Mary Crawley

The Countess of Grantham

Winter Cottage

A  Sewing Case to tide you through the winter.

Mystery in a Corner

One of my most popular mysteries, the photo on the left shows Part 1.


For details and to see what people did with the mystery, click on the photo on the left.

A Case for Color 1

A sewing case with endless color possibilities.

For larger photos and details, click on a photo above.

A Case for Color 2

A second Case for Color Design.

Mix the two if you wish.







February 29, 2016


Recently groups have been asking me for a single copy of a pattern ahead of time, then a balance order of 7 copies (to reach a total of 8), then adding on orders as their members see and like the project once the program begins.


I wish I could agree to this, but I have too much to do and can't keep track of multiple orders and the emails that always accompany them, so I wish to say: a single mailing of a minimum of 8 or more patterns to a single address only.


If you wish to make a second order, it must be for a minimum of 8 patterns.


No exceptions.

I'm sorry to be strict about this, but the idea of a group order is just that: a GROUP order.

Black Out Times for Special Orders


Because of my regular sales I will block off the following times:

No special orders:


May 20  -June 10

August 7 -September 1

October 7 - Nov 15

If your group wishes to place an order, please place it during the following times:


May 1-May 20

June 10- August 7

September October 7