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February Sale 2017







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Welcome to my February Sale 2017

This year my sale is about hearts, but it is also about preparing for the arrival of Eleanor.


• New Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Hearts.


• New: Green and Gold Hearts, one on green congress, one on ivory congress.


New Goodies in preparation for the arrival of Eleanor on May 1.


• New: A little Coin Purse that doubles as a magnet on your canvas.

The Coin Purse has a story and multiple uses.


• New: Needles for Eleanor

All the needles you will need for stitching Eleanor, three 'pages' of them!


• New: Annette's Bag for Eleanor's Supplies. Elizabeth's Bag last October was so popular and people asked if Annette would make one for Eleanor. Here it is.


• Very Limited: Vintage Hankies with the letter "E", large ones so that they will cover Eleanor completely as you work on her.


• Very Limited: Special antique tools from Carolyn. I love offering these, it is such fun!





New: Tuxedo Heart 2 and Wedding Dress Heart 2

I have been promising these and here they are.

New: Green and Gold Hearts.

New: Two Pretty Bags for Eleanor from Annette.


February 2017



Returning: Queen of Hearts

Preparing for Eleanor: A selection of vintage hankies large enough to cover Eleanor as you work on her.


New: Eleanor's Coin Purse which acts as a needle magnet.


Returning: Echoes of Elizabeth Sewing Case

Eleanor's Needles, all you need, in a paper Needle Packet. Includes Beading Thread in two sizes.


General Beading Needles and Thread for all my beaded projects. Be sure to scroll down to find the packet.


A small selection of antique needlework tools from Carolyn Meacham


A small selection of antique stilettos from Carolyn Meacham